Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New Brighton

Thomas asked for dessert after his toast this morning. I've never heard of dessert after breakfast and it  made me laugh. Thinking he might want an apple I said "OK, what do you want". "A packet of cheese & onion crisps" was the reply!

After dropping him off at school and coming home to do a quick tidy around we set off for our Tuesday jaunt. New Brighton was the destination this week. I've never been before, it was a recommendation by Aunty Edith, and to be honest when we arrived I wasn't too sure. In fact, like an ungrateful child, I actually had a bit of a whinge. The lighthouse is right up my street but I wasn't too keen on the rest of the view, although after a while I began to appreciate the different skyline and watching the cargo ships coming in and going out was actually very interesting. 
We'd parked right on the front and our first walk along the promenade was to the left of the car. This took us past Marine Point a lovely new leisure complex with lots of restaurants and cafes. Further down was the boating lake. There was nobody out sailing their boats today, but I have a feeling we'll be returning in the coming weeks and launching Thomas' new boat on it's first Number 38 voyage.
The sun was out and although it was a bit chilly we soon warmed up. I took this photo from behind the Welcome to New Brighton sign. There are 2 clowns built to give the impression that there is a shadow. My photography skills leave a lot to be desired and I've not really done it justice, but if you look at the left arm you might get the idea. 
We turned around at this point and headed back to where the car was for fish and chips. I'd have liked to have walked up to the church I spotted on the way back, but I know my limitations and the hill would have half killed me.
After our lunch, sat watching the boats, it was time for another walk, this time to the right. The promenade is all pedestrianised apart from a cycle lane marked by 2 white lines, which didn't register with us and I nearly came a cropper with a bike. The houses along here are lovely but the view is of the docks which wouldn't appeal to me. 
But this certainly did. A natural art structure that children (and adults of course), can go on and explore. 
Isn't it fantastic. I absolutely love things like this and wish Thomas had been with me so I could have gone on it without looking silly.
And just across from The Black Pearl you can see Liverpool.
We walked for ages making the most of the weather and the flat terrain. I enjoy walking when I'm out there doing it and there's nothing nicer than a walk by the sea to the sound of waves. 

There's nothing very much at New Brighton, it's a very understated seaside destination with a small funfair, a couple of arcades and 2 or 3 fish and chip shops. But it is spotlessly clean, has massive areas of grass and a brilliant crazy golf course as well as a lovely theatre, (I popped in to use their facilities).  

So, would I go back. Well after my initial disappointment at the industrial view, yes I most definitely would. There was something quite charming about the place. 

And my lesson of the day - first impressions aren't always right. 



  1. what a gorgeous day out. I love your photos, you don't rate yourself as a photographer, but I do.

    I love the views of the docks. Probably because we have docks at Felixstowe, and as a child (and now), really loved sitting in the car in the carpark, rain thrashing down, scoffing chips and watching the boats come in and out of the docks.

    Have told Bill we are going to Felixstowe on Sunday. Not only for the sea/chips/Games situation, but I have a Royal connection thing I want to hunt down :O)

    must go. Violet is painting more flowers for me in the craft room but I need to stick her in the bath. Have a gorgeous evening, and thank you for sharing your day out. Loved it. :O) xx

    1. Oh that sounds very interestingSadie. Is there some blue blood in your veins then? Actually after my initial shock of the docks as opposed to quaint pier/ice cream kiosks etc. I really enjoyed having something different to look at. I wont' be so quick to judge next time!

      I watched Happy Valley last night then realised I'd forgotten to put Thomas in the shower but even for him 10pm was too late to start messing around, so it was a quick wash, teeth brushed and into bed. Hope he wasn't too stinky today haha xx

  2. I love the industrial views at New Brighton, Crosby and places like that. Mind you, I like industrial views pretty much anywhere.

    1. The view grew on me pretty quickly and the boats with all the containers on were interesting. I love derelict buildings, especially places like schools and hospitals were the odd bit of equipment is still hanging around. Off to look Crosby up now. No idea where it is or what it's like and I do like to learn a thing or two on a day. xx

  3. I'd never even heard of it! The weather was beautiful yesterday and like Sadie said, your photos do do it justice! Did the black pearl not smell? It looks smelly!!
    As for the comment on my blog.... I'm thinking Lycra Lady, so no, I won't be sending you any!! It's for your own good! I'm not eating it either, if that makes you feel better! 3lbs down now, not sure where from, my toes are definitely looking thinner though!

    1. Hahahaha, no it didn't smell. You could send me just a little piece maybe. I think my metabolism needs a kick start as I've NOT LOST ONE OUNCE since announcing I was on a diet. I'm sure I read millionaires shortbread was the new diet fad of 2016. Well done on your 3lbs. xx

    2. Maybe from the next batch!! 3lbs is a drop in the ocean!

    3. Well, I've not even managed a ripple in my ocean. It's really frustrating. Mind you the fish and chip fest and Vanilla crown won't be helping. I really don't have much willpower at all. xx