Friday, 26 February 2016

Messages to Grandad

My friend is still off school with her bunion, or rather without her bunion, so she came up for coffee, a toasted teacake and a natter this morning. She only stayed for an hour, she had to get back for the gas man and I had to take Sparky and Wendy to be groomed, but it was nice to see her and it's surprising how much we can talk about in 60 minutes!

It's the first time Wendy has been to the groomers, her paws and behind her ears needed a good sorting out. Unlike Sparky's 'all off' remit, I told them to just trim Wendy. Her fur is lovely and she's a lady, so definitely wouldn't suit a short back and sides.
Pets At Home is on a retail park so while I was there I popped into Asda. Amy needed index cards, I needed some stationery, Mum asked me to look for a top she wanted and Thomas needed some new undies. Disappointingly I only managed to sort Thomas out. 

Amy's food tech exam went well. It's worth 30% in marks, the rest is made up of coursework and an exam. The traybake didn't make it home in one piece but it looks really good on the photo she took at school.

Next week she has her German oral so we're spending 20 minutes every night listening to her. She has to speak for at least 4 minutes on a number of subjects and can be asked questions about music, sport, leisure, school etc. She also has to introduce herself, describe a friend and somewhere in the 4 minutes ask the invigilator a couple of questions as part of a two way conversation. She's really not looking forward to this so I'm glad it'll be done and dusted and out of the way for her. 
And last night they wrote messages to Grandad on Amy's birthday balloons. Typically Thomas has made sure Grandad knows who he is by signing off as 'your grandson' and also a request that if he sees this can he send a message back. 
I'm a believer, so I'm on the look out for a white feather or some other sign Tom might deem appropriate. 



  1. Such pampered pooches! Wendy is a lovely colour! Awww to the balloon message from His Grandson ( though I confess I had to look away at the lack of capital letters!!!!!! Hehehe )
    Amy's hard work will definitely pay off. Mr 18 did German, and despite me begging, pleading, cajoling, bribing etc etc I've never heard him speak a word of it. So infuriating especially when his German teacher used to tell us at Parent's evenings at how good job was at it, especially speaking it!! It's not even if I'd know if he was saying it right!
    So well done Amy, top marks coming your way xx
    Glad you had a natter with a chum, a brilliant way to pass 60 super fast minutes! Enjoy your Saturday X

    1. I spend more on them than I do on my own hair!! She didn't want to do German but there weren't enough pupils to do the GCSE course first chose (can't remember what it was now), so she didn't have a choice although she seems OK at it.

      Catching up with friends is always fun, even if it is only for a an hour or so. xx

  2. aw, the balloon thing made me tear up a little. That's so sweet.

    Glad Amy got a good photo of her creation. I thought it was a photo of blood when I saw it before reading! Sorry!

    Your doggies are almost as pampered as my cat Dudley. Who loves me very much right now, when I gave him a beautifully sliced up grilled lamb steak last night for his tea. He very rarely gets such a treat, so he was one happy chap!

    Hope your Saturday is chugging along nicely. xx

    1. He's been asking about Grandad lately. You know the sort of thing, 'where do you think he is, I wonder what it's like dying, do you think Grandad can see/hear us'.

      I've just looked at the photo of Amy's traybake and it does look a bit bloody/fleshy at first glance doesn't it. Lucky Dudley with his lamb steak. The dogs love it when it's chicken night. It's been a quiet day here today but enjoyable. xx