Monday, 29 February 2016

Tea Bags and Tug Boats

I went into Middleton this morning with Mum. It seems be coming an irregular regular thing, if you know what I mean. Neither of us really wanted anything, but it's good to have a mooch, a coffee and a natter with no men or children around. 

My niece isn't very well at the moment, she has pleurisy. I don't know if any of you have ever had it, but I have and it's agony. Typical of most mums with little ones she doesn't look after herself, especially on the food front, so Mum bought her a magazine which might inspire her to eat a bit better and I've sent her some teabags. A strange gift I know, but according to the box each bag has a yoga pose and an inspirational quote on it. I'm not expecting her to do the yoga but I'm hoping she enjoys the tea and the quotes. 
While we were in Middleton Mark was at a boating lake launching his boat, which as yet remains nameless. I'll have to rectify that soon, I like our things to have names! He went with his cousin Ken and they had a typical boys morning. I'm going with them next week to have a go, weather permitting, and on the way back we'll stop off and have a brew with Aunty Edith.
Tomorrow Mark has to go and do something in Winsford so I'm going with him and on the way back we'll stop at Lymm and have some lunch. I've never been before but it looks a pretty village with a canal that we can have a walk by. I'll take the camera and post some photos on Thursday.

Other plans this week include trying to find some summer clothes for the holiday, getting on with the jigsaw, flute and dancing. There's also a Robinwood presentation at Thomas' school tomorrow night where we'll have a chance to see footage and photos of what they all got up to in December which should be fun.

And that's about it for the next couple of days. See you on Thursday. 



  1. oh yes, the boat must be named. Then you need to buy a bottle of champs to christen it, but for the Love of God, don't go wasting it by smashing it over the boat. No. Raise the bottle in a toast but then pour it into glasses and quaff it ;o)

    sorry about your niece. Totally agree that mums don't look after themselves at all. Family always comes first. Hope she's on the mend soon.

    Have a lovely couple of blog free days :O) xx

    1. I might just do that Sadie. But only one of those little bottles, just enough for me to enjoy while the boys are messing with the remote controls.

      Pleurisy is so painful. I had it pre-children but having little ones to look after as well as being ill is always harder isn't it.

      I've been adding bits and bobs about what I've been up to as I've been going along on a draft post. But I've not been on here as much which is the idea so it seems to be working :) xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your niece & I hope she recovers soon. I agree with you on the mum front. Love to know if the boat does get named. Have a good couple of days xx

    1. I'll have to get my thinking cap on for the boat name. I was going to go with Mark and Ken on Monday, but Sparky is at the vets for his jabs and Thomas is at the Docs mid-morning, so I'll have to wait another week until I officially launch it. Hope you're having a good week. xx