Sunday, 28 February 2016

Concorde and a Small Blogging Change

We decided to go to Manchester Airport Viewing Area today or as it's now known, The Runway Visitor Park. Amy can hardly move after her ice skating session yesterday, so it was just me, Mark and Thomas.

The last time we went I think Thomas was about 2 years old. I spent most of my time chasing him around the grass and my memory isn't what it used to be so I can't recall if this was here or not, but it didn't ring any bells. 
It was absolutely packed. There were dedicated plane spotters with cameras, binoculars and airband radios, groups/clubs and families with children just enjoying a day out.
The viewing platforms are excellent for a bit of plane spotting. I knew our National Trust binoculars would come in handy one day.
It really is a fantastic place to watch the planes. You can see them taxi down the runway for take off.
And land back safely on terra firma, all within easy viewing distance.
There are also planes that you can go on to have a look around, which is interesting although I have to say they seemed a bit rickety compared to today's models and I was glad money was tight when I was a girl and we spent our holidays in the UK. 
Dad worked at Hawker Siddleley Aviation in Chadderton when I was little, I think in the design/technical department. In it's hey day the company employed around 11,000 people. Mark's Mum also worked there on the cleaning team and it's strange to think their paths may have crossed without them knowing it and that their children would end up getting married.
Reading this made me smile. Who needs a car when you can fly an aeroplane although I hope it was because he didn't bother taking his driving test rather than being unable to pass!
We decided to book ourselves on the Concorde Tour and while we were waiting Thomas went in the park and me and Mark sat in the Concorde Cafe warming up with a coffee and hot chocolate watching him.
At 1.30pm it was time for the tour. I don't say this very often because it doesn't really bother me, but several toddlers were also part of the group and they made it quite plain that they didn't want to stand or sit still, making it difficult to fully hear what was being said.  
Never mind, we got the gist and what we did hear was really interesting. 
Nearly every member of the Royal Family have flown on Concorde. It can fly from UK to USA in just over 3 hours. The luggage hold is very small so it was strictly one case per person and no, you couldn't pay excess (no good for the WAGS of today). The little tables were set with linen, silverware and cut crystal glasses for every meal. Every year they spent around £3,000 replacing 'souvenirs' people had taken off the flight with them. 
Compared to the £7,000 per ticket it cost when the plane was de-commissioned in 2003, our £5 ticket that we each had to buy was a snip - even with the screaming toddlers. So, we can now say we've been on Concorde, omitting the fact that it wasn't actually flying!

And just to let you all know, that I'm slowing down on the blogging front for a while. Rather than posting every day I've decided to have three dedicated blogging days, Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. I'm hoping you'll still visit to see what's going on here at Number 38 as there's always something or other to report. 



  1. can totally understand the slowing of blogging, and yes, of course I'll still visit :O)

    What a lovely day out you've had. chortled at the ZK being delivered on the 6th October 1971, that makes it just one day older than me. Great. I'm even as old as vintage looking aeroplanes! Feeling nice and ancient now!

    The only thing missing from your photos is a pic of any Scooby snacks you might have eaten :o)

    happy Sunday p.m to you xx

    1. The problem is I'm spending too much time on here in bloggy land, so, I'm cutting down on my posts so I can enjoy what other bloggers have been up to in a more leisurely manner.

      It was a lovely day out, Concorde was definitely worth the money. I'm sure you've aged much better than the ZK, it really was a rickety old thing. I didn't even feel safe inside it and it was on the ground!

      We'll probably go back in summer and take a picnic with us. Now that we've done the tour it's a nice enough place to just sit for a couple of hours and watch the planes. xx

  2. Looks like you had a great day at the airport. I don't blame you for slowing down on the blog postings. I don't know how you managed to do it every day. I'm very sporadic in my postings because I never feel like I have much to say!

    1. Hi Janice. It was a lovely day. As usual it took a bit of cajoling to get Thomas out of the house but then he didn't want to come home!

      I need to slow down a bit on the blogging side of things. Not that I really have anything else pressing to do, but I get on here and time just disappears. I bet you have loads to say, but maybe you just don't like to waffle as much as I do haha. xx

  3. What a super day out. I remember waiting at CDG airport in Paris for a flight home one time, looked out onto the runway and there was Concorde taking off. Wonderful sight. Completely understand the plan to change your writing schedule. That's the great thing about blogging, it's posting whatever and whenever you want. And, of course, we'll still be here.

    1. We really enjoyed it Liz. We sometimes forget what we've got on our own doorstep and should make more of our local attractions. Seeing Concorde 'in the flesh' was brilliant so I can image seeing it in flight was fantastic.

      I think a slower pace on the blogging front is definitely needed but I'm still looking forward to doing my 3 x weekly updates. xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day out. :) I shall miss daily posts but will definitely keep up when you do blog. Your blog is a wonderful little window into daily life and I enjoy it.

  5. Hi Candace, It was a good day out, but very cold, not that Thomas seemed to notice. I'm glad you enjoy the blog and will still be popping by. Posting every day is taking up a bit too much time at the moment, but who knows in weeks to come I might re-start. I shall definitely be sticking to my 3 weekly posts though which will be full of the daily bits and bobs that go on here at Number 38. xx