Thursday, 25 February 2016

Boys Toys and A Change of Plan

Flowers and a (close your eyes Rachel and Sadie), vanilla crown are as regular on Thursdays at Number 38 as night turning to day is. I've had a break from tulips for a couple of weeks, all that droopiness was too depressing, but they are back in my life now and I'm hoping this bunch behaves itself.
Tomorrow is the Great Middleton Bake Off at Amy's school. She had another go at piping meringue last night and did much better. Tonight she's trying lemon curd again. I'm surrounded by raspberries, lemons, eggs and enough sugar to make me think if we actually ate the traybake, dental work would be required for the next few years at least. 
Mark and Thomas have a new hobby. Of course with a new hobby goes having to buy a new whatever it is you're doing, which happens to be a boat. Actually, I'm quite looking forward to joining in with this and although I'm not sure Mark will relinquish the controls it'll be fun to get out in the fresh air and do a bit of dry land sailing.
Threading the bumper tyres (no idea what the technical term is but they're to stop the sides getting damaged), kept Mark quiet for a while although there was a fair bit of muttering under the breath going on. I'm hoping we can take it out this weekend, it's got lights, a horn and blows smoke from the funnel and all this appeals to my childish side in a big way. 
I rustled myself up an open egg sandwich for lunch. The weight loss isn't happening which is disappointing (and obviously nothing to do with the vanilla crowns) and the holiday looms ever closer. There's nothing remotely finesse about this lunch. The salad was left over from a couple of nights ago and the egg was just hacked into pieces.
Our dance instructor is in Las Vegas this week and there's no lesson tonight so we're off to see Mum instead.

And there's been a change of plan regarding World Book Day. Thomas announced this morning he doesn't want to dress up as Fantastic Mr Fox. He's discovered the delights of Charles Dickens this week and wants to go as the Artful Dodger. Before anybody thinks I have a child genius on my hands the books are from the school library and are a watered down version suitable to his age. 

I didn't put up much of a fight, (none at all actually), for several reasons. Firstly, I was beginning to get a bit worried about painting a foxy face on hime on the morning of world book day, especially as he doesn't get out of bed until 8am. Secondly I can't do face painting so that would have been a slight problem and thirdly, there's an Artful Dodger costume on Ebay for a pretty decent price. Plus he's been wanting a top hat for ages (don't ask me why) so it'll kill two birds with one stone as they say.

So, now that's sorted I'm feeling a lot happier but not as happy as I'll be when he's dressed up for the final time next year. 



  1. I didn't say a word! How could I after my Jaffa cake or four I had last night ( eep the whole packet! )
    Must try harder tomorrow! Love the model boat. Bet your purse will be glad when this food tech palava is out of the way! Does she do textiles too? That cost us a FORTUNE!

    1. Mark won't buy Jaffa cakes for that very reason. Once he starts he can't stop until the packet is empty. That's it for food tech now. No more cooking so no more money to spend. No she doesn't do textiles but a couple of her friends do. I can imagine that being way more expensive than the odd bit of cooking Amy has done over the past 2 years! xx

  2. love the idea of the Artful Dodger! Violet and I were talking about WBD last night when she was feeling better - off school, she has some really nasty viral stomach thing. Pain so bad I thought she had appendicitis, thankfully it was not the case. So she's home again today too. Kids! Schools & their germs! - anyway, today her class are amongst the ones who had good attendance and so could go in dressed in their own clothes. The irony, that she is off sick on Good Attendance Day! She had an outfit sorted, but what to wear for WBD, which by the way, we have not been told about by school yet. Now she'll wear her outfit of strawberry print jeans, strawberry t-shirt and jumper, and say she is Violet Mackerel of the by books by Anna Bradford. Such funny books. And Violet Mackerel would definitely wear strawberry printed jeans. Because Violet C does not like dressing up for school and doesn't want to.

    Your flowers look beautiful. I hope they last well this time. And I'm just going to gloss over the vanilla crown confession! Life is too short not to fill with treats and nice things.

    Your salad & hacked egg sarnie looks so good.

    Exciting times with the boat! :O) xx

    1. Poor Violet. We went to A&E with Amy once because of stomach ache thinking it might be appendicitis. Turned out it was a water infection.

      I thought Thomas' school was bad for letting parents know about dress up days, but WBD is next Thursday! When are they going to tell you I wonder. I've never heard of the Violet Mackeral books but I've just had a quick look and they sound adorable. One of Amy's friends hated dressing up. We had a princess party when she was about 5 and she wouldn't even dress up for that bless her. Didn't stop her having a good time though.

      Oh yes, please don't linger too long on the VC confession. Today it's been a toasted teacake with butter. It has to STOP! Hoping to send the boat on its first voyage this weekend, weather permitting. xx