Monday, 15 February 2016

Bleeping Sewing Machine!

By heck, it was fresh at Cleveleys last night. We'd only been walking 5 minutes and Thomas' little nose was bright red. There was a fishing competition taking place, all the rods were set up along the front, and we stopped and had a chat with a couple of the fishermen. They'd been there for 4 hours and not caught anything. That's dedication for you.
After our fish and chips we had a drive down to the arcade at Bispham. Mark put £2 into a machine and won £25 which paid for our supper. Me and Thomas killed a few enemies and Amy had a go on the grabbers.
Then we had a game of snakes and ladders. Let it never be said Number 38ers aren't versatile.
He won 90 tickets which he traded in for a handful of sweets.
We were out about 4 hours altogether, it was really too cold to stay much longer but it was lovely to go and blow the cobwebs away.

Today me and Mum have been into Middleton, Amy has been to Manchester and Mark and Thomas have stayed put.

This afternoon I made 3 pencil bags which took me about 2 hours. The machine has been a pain the backside and I could have cheerfully thrown it down the garden. 

A quick trip to the Doctors with Amy was followed by a tea of roast chicken, baked potatoes and salad. And now we're sat down now with a brew just about to round our day off with Vera. 



  1. you have made me want to go to Felixstowe, which is our nearest seaside for The Games (what we call the arcade stuff), and fish & chips.
    Poor Thomas looks freezin' cold in that photo!

    Ah, sewing machines. Don't get me started. I managed to mess up two of the stupid things last year so I have given up. They are so expensive to buy and then fix when they go wrong.

    It's about time that Great British Sewing Bee started up again. I'd rather watch other people sew, they're always much better :O) xxxx

    1. I love a trip to the seaside, although I recommend you wait for some warmer weather, it was blooming freezing.

      I've never watched the GB Sewing Bee but I wouldn't have won any prizes on it yesterday. All I did was a load of faffing around, re-threading, unpicking, sorting tension out etc. The machine is great when it works and there's no reason for it going wrong, it just seems to glitch for a couple of hours then rights itself. Really annoying when you have some time and want to get on and do stuff. Ah well, hopefully it will behave itself today. xx

  2. It was soooo cold! I'm quite worried at how serious you look when you are killing things.....
    I fell asleep in Vera, so I need to watch it again on catch up! Glad you had a good day X

    1. The serious look is concentration, I didn't have a clue what I was doing or who I was shooting. And I had to co-ordinate my aim with stepping on a pedal to re-load. Thomas was very encouraging but didn't ask me to play again haha.

      I like Vera but I found it a bit slow last night. Happy Valley tonight! Hope the BBC sort out their sound I struggled a bit with what they were saying last week and I know I wasn't the only one. xx

  3. I like Harts arcade in Bispham, haven't been for ages though. I occasionally allow some 2ps to avoid the change jar and we go onto St Anne's pier to play.

    1. Do you know, I've been in that arcade more times than I can remember and I didn't know it was called Harts. The snakes and ladders game was good fun, it's surprising how you quickly you can get through a tub of 2p's. We raided the change jar as well :) xx