Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The shame....but here's another photo

I made it halfway through Luther last night before going to bed to read. The episode was about a man hiding under beds and attacking women while they were asleep. I can't stand anything like that, it gives me the heebie jeebies. 

Bury buys this morning were a milk jug and sugar bowl, 3 new books, Christmas cards and other bits and pieces from the £1 shop. When Mark saw the jug and bowl he said "are we going to start playing houses", which tickled me. 
I also bought a new 'save the difference tin'. I could have used a jam jar but this is prettier and at 69p worth every penny because I can't actually get in it without using a tin opener. So far I've saved £12.66: 
£1.16 saved by walking from Tesco to the Co-op next door to buy 2 bags of crisps
£8 saved at Dunelm. The lamps were in the sale but had been reduced again when I got to the till
£3 saved on the books as the points on my Works Card covered the cost of them
50p saved on half price Christmas cards
After picking Thomas up from school we came home to get Amy then went for school shoes. These little socks were at the counter and me and Amy couldn't resist. 
I have another before and after photo of my utensil drawer. 
It won't stay like this very long I don't expect.
And do you want to see a grubby baking tin drawer. Oh the shame. And because Mum reads this I'd like to clarify this is not how I was brought up!
But a bit of Flash kitchen cleaner that cuts through grease (and it really does, I highly recommend it) and it was back to new.
It's dancing tomorrow so we're off to Mums in a bit. A delicious latte is on the agenda for me and no doubt Mark will be having a couple of whiskys.

And Thomas has only been back at school 3 days and we've had to sort something else out. His 'friends' have set up a Youtube group and on Monday 'the leader' allowed everybody to be in it apart from Thomas. Yesterday he changed his mind and said if Thomas completed a test he could join. Then he changed his mind again and told Thomas that his face didn't look right, (making all the other lads laugh at Thomas), so actually he couldn't be in the group

Not being allowed to join in is upsetting enough for me to hear, but when he came home last night and asked us what was wrong with his face that broke my heart.

The teacher has been really good and nipped it all in the bud today. She did say she was really unhappy about Thomas being told he had to do a test and she'd had a serious word with the boy and will be monitoring the situation.

Anyway, from this little episode stems a NY resolution that actually goes against the grain but I definitely won't be breaking it. As from today where Amy and Thomas are concerned I will no longer see both sides of a story or point of view.

I've realised that I just can't stand the majority of kids these days and being honest to myself about that makes me feel a whole lot better.



  1. I hate bullying, and meanness to anybody. Hope Thomas is feeling better and that the situation gets sorted soon!

    1. Thanks Angel Jem. I honestly just don't get how children can be so horrible at such a young age. It wouldn't cross Thomas' mind to be mean to anybody or leave anybody out. Obviously there are some nice children out there, but I think they're in the minority these days. The teacher seems to have sorted it out and at least Thomas tells us about things. I'd hate to think he was keeping this kind of thing to himself. xx

  2. hate that sort of bullying crap. Violet has had more than her share of such nastiness and it breaks my heart. I feel for you, and I feel for Thomas. There are some kids at Violet's school that I just can't be doing with. Don't want them here, don't want to hear their names, not interested in them at all. So you are not alone in disliking kids. Mind you, some of the utter claptrap I hear in the playground from some parents gobs, and I'm not surprised their offspring are so vile. One little pearl I overheard just before Christmas was ... ' I've told all my kids, if you hit anyone back, just don't get caught'. Brilliant advice. So it's ok to hit people as long as you aren't caught doing it. Genius. How to mould your child into a mugger and thug of the future.

    Don't feel ashamed of your grubby drawers (said in a Sid James manner), mine have been just as bad. The dining room drawers had to be hoovered before I wiped them down. HOOVERED! I ask you!

    :o) xx

    1. Thanks Sadie, I can't stand bullying either and although Thomas gets something's not right he doesn't always understand what's going on. Because the boy had said "nah, sorry you can't be in the group" Thomas said to me "I'm not allowed in but at least he said sorry so that's OK". Yeah right, I can just imagine how that sorry was said. Makes me wonder what's happening at home to be able to play mental games like that at their age.

      Oh that grubby drawer! I had to give serious thought about the photo but I'm game for a warts and all blog. At least I'm in good company, knowing you had to hoover your drawers makes me feel a lot better haha. xx

  3. When it comes to our children we do all that is necessary to protect them - bullying is vile, I hope all is soon better for Thomas. x

    1. Thanks MMC. The look on his face when he was asking me what was wrong with how he looked was heart breaking. He's such a lovely kind boy it's hard to think about him being on the receiving end of something like that. But I think because of how nice he is, other kids see it as a sign of weakness and he becomes easy pickings.

      Just makes me want to keep him home with me, but of course that's not the answer and thankfully the teacher seems to have nipped it right in the bud. xx

  4. I cannot stand other people's children! Poor Thomas deserves to have a day at school without putting up with shit from little vile hateful swines. Karma will get the little so en sos you mark my words. Hooray for you mama bear and hooray for, the teacher X
    Great drawers! What I want to know is... If all we put in our drawers is clean cutlery and baking the hell do they get so filthy????

    1. I nearly deleted what I wrote. It sounds an awful thing to say but it's true and I felt better for saying it. Kids are horrible, nasty little critters these days. I know I'd be as upset if Thomas was the bully, but I don't think parents are that bothered really. Until Mark approaches them outside the playground that is, which he has done on a couple of occasions and then they seem to sit up and take notice. Not that he's all shouty and aggressive. He's the exact opposite, low voice, quiet word in ear etc. but makes it quite plain he's not happy with what's going on.

      It's another kitchen mystery. Clean tins in but dirty greasy drawers. It's on a par with the lids but no containers. xx

  5. After working for 27 years in the school system, all of which were working with 'behaviour' kids you'd be amazed (or maybe not) how many of those kids you can say "See the kid, see the parent'. Most of these behaviours are learnt at home. When the parents are coming into the classroom with foul mouths and aggression is it any wonder the kids are like this. Bully senior and bully junior! I'm glad the issue with Thomas was nipped in the bud and you are right there to keep on top of any further crap!!

    1. I've never heard of that saying, but it's so true. Children are a mirror image of their parents and it's not always shouty, bully, horrible. Sometimes it's a supercilious attitude of 'I'm better than you' or ' I can do what I want, there's not a lot you can do'. These are under 11's we're talking about as well, who know they can get away with anything as teacher's hands are tied, (a fact probably reiterated at home), and therefore have no respect for anybody.

      The teacher was a bit slow to react last time, but nipped this one in the bud right away. Maybe it's because Youtube was mentioned. They're very into internet bullying these days. xx