Friday, 8 January 2016

January Project - 1 week down, 3 to go.

Mark was up and at it this morning, (no you cheeky things, he was building shelves!) and by 9.30am they were ready for me to fill. Not sure why we didn't put one up in the first place as it balances the room out better. It might have been a case of one DIY job too many for Mark.
This is the sort of thing that I can't look at too long or it could make me cry! I hate all this gaming stuff that comes with lots of wires. Give me a jigsaw or a book any day.
I took all the DVD's, books, games, etc off the shelf, gave them a wipe down then put them all back. And little things like this have been sorted. An open bag of tea lights that roll out every time I move the bag are now in a box.
Thomas' birthday and Christmas lego presents which I found all over the room were dumped on a shelf. All together, but not the look I was aiming for, so..... 
.... it all went in a box as well.
Anyway, here are the shelves looking a bit tidier. I've not been able to throw much away so it was just a case of finding room for things and making it look a bit neater. The other side of the room is a January Project for Monday.
Mark took me to The Range yesterday, another place I've never been to, so now I have two new places to visit. The stairs look a bit bare since taking the Christmas boards down so I bought this. It was only £4.99 and it was a shame to leave it on the shelf for that price. And I've loved having lights up over the holidays so I bought some warm white ones to go around it.
After a tricky first week back at school for Thomas, everything seems to be sorted out and he's fine. He's been chosen to represent the school in a swimming gala in a couple of weeks which he's really excited about and wants to go training this weekend. Secretly hoping he forgets about that. 

We did the tango at dancing last night. I wear flat shoes but there's a 'stomp' in this dance that would be great to do wearing heels, so I might buy a pair in a few weeks. Not yet though, negotiating steps and Mark's feet in ballet shoes is hard enough for now. Plus I've got a corn that's giving me jip which I need to get sorted out. Ah the joys of getting older. 

And after a busy cleaning and clearing day, against all expert advice I'm now sat with my feet up enjoying a glass of rose. It's such a thrill living on the edge, I highly recommend it!



  1. Oh I love boxes to put things in! I'm a bit OCD about them! You can get such gorgeous ones too now too! The shelves look good!

    1. I like boxes as well. The candle one was the smallest in a set of about 8 and they looked lovely all stacked up. I needed 3 for Project January Xbox room though and the size I wanted were £6 each. As lovely as they were, I wasn't prepared to pay £18 for them to be filled with lego, stationery and stuff we can't find anywhere else to put so I went to Wilkos instead. If they were going in my bedroom to be filled with pretties that would have been a different matter :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks MMC. The boxes make a big difference. I'm getting there slowly but surely. I think by mid-week downstairs will be done. Trouble is I've shoved a load of stuff in the wardrobe as I've gone along so upstairs definitely needs a good sorting out now. Only our room though. Amy keeps her room quite tidy and Thomas doesn't have much in his room anyway. xx

  3. oh yes, all much better neatly boxed away. I stash Violet's Lego out in the garage. Which is a bit mean really, but I can't help it. I HATE Lego with a passion!

    I'm with you on the wine supping. I've just guzzled one or two massive glasses of Cava, and I'm so not sorry! Dry January ... pah!

    I'm glad Thomas is happy after his rotten (at times) week. Here's to a lovely weekend for you all :O) x

    1. What are you like! I've learned to enjoy lego and can quite happily sit making spaceships and cars with Thomas. But the bits drive me mad, they end up everywhere.

      They had some beautiful boxes in Store 21 in Middleton but I was feeling a bit tight and wouldn't pay the £6 each they were asking, so went to Wilko and got these at half the price.

      I've never done Dry January of Stoptober or whatever it's called. I don't do anything in excess so never feel the need to give anything up. Life is very short, why deny yourself a simple pleasure like a glass or two of vino or bubbly.

      Thomas seems to be OK and is really looking forward to the gala. Hope you all have a good weekend as well. We'll be setting the table in sync tomorrow afternoon :) xx

  4. You're really making progress there. I think my problem is I find it hard to actually get rid of stuff (though there's a very full charity bag awaiting collection so I may be getting better at it). I'm with you on the wine thing. And I'll still be eating cake, too.

    1. I think downstairs will be done mid week which will be great. Upstairs looks like a bombs hit it though. Everything I don't know what to do with has been shoved in a wardrobe. Not looking forward to sorting that out. Oh yes to wine and definitely yes to cake, as you can see from today's post. xx