Tuesday, 26 January 2016

First Daffodils and First Flute Lesson

I went into Middleton this morning for a few bits and a new T-shirt and pumps for Thomas. He went to the swimming gala in his PE kit yesterday and somewhere between going and coming home half his stuff has gone missing. He's relieved the gala is over but said if nobody else will do it next year, he'd put his name down again. But "only if I really have to".

I also bought my first daffodils of the year. I love these flowers. The colour, the smell and the promise of spring and warmer weather around the corner. Even though there's a way to go yet, it's nice to look at them and think "not long now".
Amy is in the middle of her GCSE mocks. This week she has maths, science and geography. She's really knuckling down to it and there are notes pinned all over her bedroom walls. While I was in Wilko I treated her to a few bits. She loves stationery and if you have to revise you might as well do it using nice things.
I've booked the dogs into the kennels, sorted out our travel insurance and made an appointment for Amy to have her eyes tested next Friday. I was talking to her last night and could see her glasses needed cleaning so I did them for her but discovered there are 2 scuff marks across both lenses which could be why she can't see!

I had my first flute lesson and really enjoyed it. It was only for 30 minutes but I managed to learn B, A and G, how to hold the instrument properly and how to 'blow' correctly, although if Mum's face was anything to go by I've still to master this technique. I've been sent home with 3 pieces of music which I'm looking forward to having a go at this week. My niece/teacher is only 12 but she's done her grade 4 exam, is part of a youth orchestra, has loads of patience and plays her flute beautifully, so I'm in good hands. 

Before I went I cooked a chicken, prepared some filling and rustled up a salad for fajitas. I wanted to be able to just walk in, heat something up and tea be on the table sooner rather than later, and this seemed to fit the bill.
Me and Mark went to see Joan tonight. She's looking as well as ever. We just had half an hour with her, there's nothing much conversation wise to be had but she likes it when we put a small pile of sweets on her table. Her little eyes light up and she loves choosing which one to have next. They're all caramels (no idea how she chews them, but she does), so the half dozen we give her pretty much take up the visit.

Right, off to blow a few notes now, (in my dreams). 



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson, and that you are doing it in the first place. I have no desire to learn anything new, but genuinely admire anyone who does. Especially those in our age bracket :o)

    Ha, to Amy's scuffed glasses! And ooh, stationery, what is it about paper, pens and list pads? They are so enticing.

    You are a smart cookie to get food prepped before you went out. That's the one thing that I do every morning after taking Violet to school. I spend an hour or two in the kitchen doing prep for that day, the following day, and putting together packed lunches. When people are home from school and work, they just want to eat quickly.

    Have a very pleasant evening :O) xx

    1. Haha, I think it's because I'm the age I am I'm doing it. I have the time and I'm thick skinned enough these days not to bother if I'm really rubbish at it! I'm hoping it keeps the brain ticking over as well.

      I think the scuff marks might be contributing to the lack of vision, but we'll see next Friday. We paid quite a bit for her glasses only 9 months ago so I'm hoping we can keep the frames and just do new lenses. Not sure that's going to be cheaper though.

      I love getting my meals made and out of the way if I can. Unless it's something that needs to go in the oven, in which case I time it to us sitting down I try to have our meal ready by early afternoon. There's Nothing better than knowing what you're eating and knowing it's cooked and just waiting to be heated up. xx

  2. After nearly a year my lenses are remarkably scuff free - however a lens did fall out the other day! Glad your flute lesson went well, love how you have a 12 year old teaching you x

    1. My glasses are in perfect condition as well. Mind you I don't wear them all the time. Amy seems to have hers on constantly lately. I don't expect her to put them in her case every time she takes them off to do her make up, have a shower etc. but I'll have to instill in her not to put them lens side down.

      Let it never be said I'm ageist lol. She was a really good teacher and took it very seriously. She's given me the name of a book to buy and my homework to do. In return she's getting a crisp £5 note for her troubles. It's a win win situation xx

  3. I love the way you were 'sent home' with your music to practice! We'll be calling you Suzanne Gallway in no time at all!

  4. I know, she came really well prepared and she's even told me what music book I need to buy. She might only be 12 but she's so mature and organised more than her Mum actually haha.

    I seriously think I might be James Galway's secret love child actually, I'm that good. xx

    1. I'm imagining the headlines now!

    2. Well obviously it would start "talented flautist discovered buying Vanilla Crowns in Lidl...." xx