Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Eggs, Choir and 'B'

I blame it on the daffodils. I came over all spring like and bought these today. I didn't do an Easter egg hunt last year, I just assumed Thomas would have outgrown it. But I should have checked. He was really disappointed that he didn't get to run around the house trying to find eggs. It's very hard to judge where the kids are up to sometimes. Too old for a sticker from the dentist but not quite ready to give up the Easter egg hunt. Mind you, Amy joins in as well, so maybe it's something they'll never grow out of. Anyway, this year I will definitely be hiding eggs at Number 38. 
Thomas joined the school choir today. Letters were sent out at the beginning of term for 'auditions' but he didn't want to do that and I don't blame him. Anyway, 2 places are still available which means he doesn't have to do the audition part. I can't remember there being a limit on our school choir, I think it was a case of the more the merrier, but maybe it's to do with transporting them around when they do things out of school. He really enjoyed it and came home with 2 songs to learn, King by Years and Years and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Thing have progressed since my days, when Kumbaya and Lord of the Dance reigned supreme. Choir means in future my Wednesday's will be a little longer as I don't need to pick him up until 4pm. 
I've been 'playing' the flute and note 'B' was my lesson of the day along with trying to make a decent noise. Reading music is slowly coming back to me along with the beat of each note. Trust me, there is nothing Groovy about my musical ability at the moment. 
But I shall persevere, least of all to prove to Mark I can do it, whose helpful comments so far have ranged along the lines of "do you want to go in the other room and do that" and "that noise is really painful".

I can see myself accidentally stepping on his toes a few times tomorrow at dancing.  



  1. I like those plastic eggs. They're nice. I need more to add to my tree in the front garden. Years ago I bought sparkly ones from Sainsbury's, but they stopped selling them and now mine are losing their colour and shine.

    Well done Thomas. Do they perform at the O2 each year? Tomorrow the choir from Violet's school travel down to the O2, they won't be back until around midnight. can't help it, I am so glad Violet doesn't do choir. The traffic going towards the Blackwall tunnel is CRAZY, the thought of her being in that in a coach makes my skin crawl.

    Well done on your B practice. Yes, I should stand on Marks feet ;o) I've just had to put in a complaint to Bill. I asked him to make me an ovaltine as I've not been sleeping too well lately, what does he do? Makes me a massive mug of coffee! Men!! :o)

    1. I got them from Poundworld, there's 25 in the bag and they're big enough to hold 2 or 3 mini eggs which is plenty with the other chocolate eggs I hide as well.

      No, I don' think they do anything at O2. They stay pretty local. I think they're going to the Town Hall in March to do a competition and then they do care homes and shopping centres at Christmas. Midnight is very late for their age isn't it. I'm not sure I'd be 100% happy with that either although I bet the kids love the experience of it all.

      Yes indeed, Men! Coffee is the just the ticket for aiding sleep lol. My sis-in-law really struggles with sleep, it's horrible for her so you have my sympathies. xxx

  2. Your 'B'lesson reminds me of the time I babysat my uni professor's little boy. He was learning the piano and I had to endure hours listening to him playing middle C, the only note he knew.

    The boy here joined the choir whilst at primary school. It was only recently that he admitted to miming the whole of the time he was a member!

    I can foresee Mark wearing that flute at some point!

  3. Laughing out loud at the C note. Hope you got handsomely paid for putting up with that. Maybe you can sympathise with Mark then listening to my 'B'. Tomorrow I am progressing to A, Friday to G. Not sure what tune I can make out of those 3 notes, if any. The blowing is a fine art and will take a while to master me thinks.

    No miming from Thomas. He sings with such gusto we might have a budding opera singer on our hands. It's the first club he's joined and he really enjoyed it. Glad he seems to have found something he likes doing.

    I've read about your trip to the dentist. Sounds horrible. Hope the pain is wearing off now. xx

  4. Hope Thomas enjoys the choir. I think a few trodden toes will get the message across! Good luck with A & G

    1. Hi MMC, Thomas loved the choir and I'm glad he's found something he wants to do after school. He's not sporty so although they run loads of clubs after school they're not up his street.

      We did the tango tonight so there were a few toes trodden on anyway, purely by accident of course.

      I've tried to comment on a couple of your posts but the comment thing wasn't there again, then all of a sudden it re-appeared. Very strange. xx

  5. Merrily we roll along. That's the tune for BAG.
    I can whistle it in my sleep.

    I love the eggs. They are never too old for easter eggs.

    1. Thank you, it's nice to play a tune I recognise. I can hear how good/bad the notes are that I'm trying to get. I felt awful last year, Thomas was really disappointed so from now on it's Easter egg hunts until they've left home :) xx

  6. Hahahahahahahahaaaa ! That's a brave husband you have there!!! Hahahaaaa!! I've NEVER hidden Eater Eggs from the Easter Bunny. Please don't ring social services!!

    1. Rachelradiostar you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not hiding eggs from the Easter Bunny. No doubt your children have grown up to be emotionally malnourished because of your actions and will carry this burden around with them for the rest of their lives ;) Thomas found me hiding the eggs 2 years ago which is why I didn't bother last year. Obviously his grievance was nothing to do with the Easter Bunny just the lack of extra chocolate haha.

      Mark is brave but what he forgets is he can't run as fast as me and the flute is quite long so it wouldn't be hard for me to give him a quick bop over the head. He treads on very thin ice sometimes. xx