Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Behind the scenes

I thought you might like to come behind the scenes and see what I found lurking in today's cupboard...
1 grubby lunch bag
5 plastic lids (don't know where the containers are)
1 bottle rum flavouring (un-opened with an expiry date of June 2010)
2 nearly empty and very sticky food colourings - expiry date May 2015
1 pile of squashed cake cases
1 container of 'cake sprinkles' - expiry date 2012 and so old the colours have faded
27 used birthday candles (why?)
1 Nigella Express cookery book - for charity
So far I have cleaned and cleared 4 double cupboards. I have 2 more to go plus 3 drawers and the kitchen will be done.

I went to Dunelm and have no idea why it's not a regular haunt of mine. I could have spent ages looking around but I was on a mission. We're having a new lounge carpet and I wanted 2 side tables, a coffee table and a TV cabinet but after looking at some stores there's no way I'd pay the prices they're asking. Anway, having a look around the Dunelm website I realised they sold furniture. I went in and placed my order but couldn't come back empty handed so brought the 2 side tables, 2 lamps and a vase home with me. It's all being kept in the shed until the rest of the stuff arrives in a couple of weeks. I usually do things in dribs and drabs but I'm going for the WOW factor this time! I did have a tiny peek at the tables to see how they looked which is what you can see in the photo, but they went straight back in the box afterwards. 
Dunelm took up most of the morning and this afternoon I did a few bits in the house, popped to the shop for bread and juice, picked up a prescription for Amy, collected Thomas from school, made packed lunches and cooked bangers and mash for tea. 

Amy kept her nail polish on for school, hoping she'd get away with it. No such luck. She got caught today and was told to take it off. I've never had my nails done so didn't realise gel polish was such a b****r to deal with. I had to look up how to get it off then go out and buy acetone polish remover. She then had to sit with these on for 10 minutes before I could scrape the polish off. Never again! Not while she's at school anyway.
I think I might watch a Luther tonight. The last one we watched involved a murderer wearing a mask which freaked me out a bit, so I've had a couple of nights off. In fact some of the storylines are pretty gruesome and not something I'd usually go for.

I keep going back for more though, I must be getting brave in my old age!



  1. laughing here, I have a jar - a whole jar - of birthday candles, used and unused. I think I keep them just because they look pretty. I did use a single one for Bill's bd cake the other day, other than that, they don't get used!

    And what is it with lids? Lids seem to hang around for ages don't they?

    Ooh, pretties from Dunelm. Loving them. Looking forward to seeing finished room once it's refreshed.

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, Amy & Violet are very similar in that way. There was no way I'd have had such a decent clear out had Violet been loitering! Not a chance!
    Sunday is the day I think will be Table Setting day. Just because it's the only day when we're all together.

    Have a lovely evening :O) xx

    1. Well at least you candles serve a purpose in that they make you happy and look pretty in the jar. But whey I've shoved 3 years worth of stumpy burned candles back in the cupboard I've no idea.

      Ah the never ending riddle of lids but no containers. It's a mystery that will never be solved I fear.

      Sunday is a good day for table setting. I now have a new milk jug and sugar bowl and once a month I'm going to make a 'special' cake (translated as not just a Victoria sponge) to have with our afternoon tea. Not sure which Sunday it will be yet though. xx

    2. *coughs and hides the 'Vitality' ROUND margarine tub full of candles from Miss 21 and Mr 18s birthday...yes all of them*

    3. Haha, it's funny what we keep isn't it. You're in good company though. Sadie has a jar full of candles. I don't keep them for any sentimental reason and I never re-use them so it's not a thrifty thing. I think it's just a case of thank goodness the party went OK, now I'll just shove everything in the cupboard and move on to the next thing xx

  2. Schools are inconvenient for coloured nails. And I can't wait to see how the room looks!

    1. Because they were quite a neutral colour she thought she might get away with it, but the sparkle obviously gave it away, plus the eagle eyes of teachers who are trained to spot such things didn't help. She's not having them done again while she's at school. They were a nightmare to get off.

      Re the room - imagine a tip and you're halfway there!xx

    2. Haha, Just realised you were talking about my lounge which certainly doesn't look like a tip. I was referring to the X-box room which I'm clearing next week and certainly does. xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing the 'new' room. Poor Amy, I remember when I went to N. Manchester Grammar School for girls anyone that came to school with nail polish was sent to the science room to have it removed!! It was so different when I came here. No uniforms, lipstick had to match the nail polish and shoes had to match the purse. It was the years when sororities and fraternities were very big. It was a constant fashion parade!! AND all co-ed, I hadn't had that since primary school!!lol

    1. Janice, what primary school did you go to? I went to New Moston Infant/Junior School but lived in Chadderton so while all my friends went to N Manchester Grammar I wasn't in the catchment area otherwise we'd have attended the same secondary!

      Flipping heck, from not being allowed such fripperies as nail polish to only being allowed if it matched. What a culture shock. Not sure which I'd prefer actually. I think I'd quite like to get dolled up for a week but the novelty would soon wear off and I'd rather be told sensible black shoes, no make up and no nail polish. I'd definitely prefer co-ed though, no doubt about that! xx

  4. Gorgeous glass ware me dear - the vases are beautiful. And Re the cleaning . Woman, you are a MACHINE!!!

    1. Thank you. The vases I've got are about 15 years old so I thought it was time for a new one.

      I'm really not a lover of cleaning as such but I do like a good clear out which is all I usually do. This time though I'm actually cleaning and clearing. Not particularly enjoying it, but feel better for it afterwards. xx