Sunday, 31 January 2016

Barry Potter

We went to a Barry Potter Fair this morning. No, I've not made a mistake and put a B instead of a H, it's definitely Barry. It's a collectible/vintage toy fair that Mark goes to a couple of times a year. I don't usually bother going but I had nothing else to do so I tagged along and we took Thomas as well. 

It's mostly 'boys toys', cars, tanks, trucks, etc. Nothing that I'd be interested in but I thought the walk around was better than sitting at home on my backside. Mark goes because he has an interest in Corgi original cars from the 1960's/70's TV series and films like James Bond, Thunderbirds, Batman etc. They're not easy to come by though and he came away empty handed as we pretty much expected. Thomas however, spied this. He has a hankering for a yacht when he grows up and his eyes it up when he spotted it. We just need to put some batteries in to see what it does.
My Amazon order arrived this afternoon and is much more my thing. I finished The Husband's Secret last night so I'll start Mrs Mile's Diary tonight.
It's been wet and miserable here all day with no let up from the rain at all. I've made the packed lunches and I'm just about to herd Thomas into the shower then get my jim-jams on. I might even pour myself a Baileys to enjoy while I'm watching Call the Midwife. 

And that's January nearly over. Thankfully the days don't seem to have gone as quickly this month as they usually do which might have something to do with Project January.  

I'll have to get my thinking cap on and come up with something productive to do in February that'll make the days last a bit longer. 



  1. He looks jolly pleased with himself and his find! I can't believe it's Feb already. This Jan has def been the fastest for me. I'm in bed, v tired, hence short words !

    1. He's very happy with his find. We went back to look 3 times before putting an offer in. It was priced at £18 and we got him down to £10. I should really look and see if it's worth anything. We might be sat on a fortune without knowing it haha.

      I'm hoping February plods along nicely like January did. The months have been racing by lately so it's nice to just saunter through them for a change. xx

  2. Replies
    1. His little eyes lit up when he saw it. I made him walk around for a bit just to make sure he didn't see anything else but it was the ship he definitely wanted. Mark's brilliant at bartering and never gets embarrassed where money is concerned so managed to get quite a bit off it as well. Both boys came away very happy! xx

  3. January has flown past! I know we're waiting for a new office, so we're always looking ahead, but even so this year shows no sign of being slower than the last! I need to stop, to breathe and to centre myself, or my plates are going to spin crashing to the ground.
    Mrs Miles Diary looks good. Is it another Mass-observation diary like Nella Last's War? Do let us know if there are lots of cosy details!

  4. It's not another mass observation diary but she sent it to the Imperial War Museum in case it was of any use in the future and the war dominates most of her entries. If you fancy reading it, I'd be happy to pass it on to you. Most of my books get sent to the charity shop, so just let me know.

    The new office sounds really exciting, have you much longer to wait before it's up and running? I hate it when the time goes so quickly and I agree, when you're waiting for something to happen or trying to get something finished, time goes even quicker. I think that was the problem at the end of 2015 when we had something to do pretty much every day up at Tom's house. The days just all rolled together and before you know it another month has gone by. Hope February slows down a little bit for you. xx