Thursday, 14 January 2016

A bit of everything

We've had bright blue sky and sunshine here today, but it's been very cold although no sign of snow yet. I've got a sore throat on one side and my eye socket feel a bit tender which is usually a sign of me getting a cold so not happy about that. 

I bought some Olive rolls from Lidl today which with cream cheese, tomatoes and lots of black pepper were delicious for lunch.

I was hoping to buy hyacinths but they didn't have any so I settled for lilies instead. I love the bright colour of the stamens but the powder gets everywhere so I cut them out after the flower has been open for a couple of days.
I've cleared the two shelves in the airing cupboard and managed to get rid of quite a bit of stuff. This is what comes of not knowing what's in your cupboards, I found 3 cans of shaving foam and 6 new toothbrushes lurking in the depths of here. 
The new door has been fitted and thankfully I can finally say goodbye to the curtain. It's done it's job well, but I'm not sorry to see it go. Which now means the room is finished. Not that we've done anything major, just a new carpet and some new furniture.

It's a room of thirds for photography purposes! My new coffee table. Haven't had one of these since Amy was about 5 and she ran into it and cut her leg. Hopefully they're both old enough to navigate furniture now, although we are coming up to the stumbling in at midnight stage, so it might have to go in a couple of years!
The new door which I'll gloss tomorrow when there's only me in the house. The dogs had just chased each other across the settee which is why it's all creased, but I couldn't be bothered to smooth it out before I took the photo.
And the TV stand with NO wires on show. Worth every penny just for that alone.
Although I didn't feel like dancing tonight I did take up Mark on his offer to run me to The Range for some frillies and cushions just to finish it off and make it a bit more cosy.

I'll show you what I bought tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to put my PJ's on and have a whisky with hot water, lemon and honey.

Purely medicinal of course. 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. We didn't really do much but it feels more cosy than it did before with the wood furniture. Nearly finished Project January as well so it's all going well. xx

  2. Love it all! Looking vair swish! I love how the doggies are nonchalantly stretching and looking like butter wouldn't melt, despite their ( alleged ) sofa running antics!!

    1. Why thank you madam. Ok, so maybe one of those dents is where my derriere has been but the dogs use this house as an obstacle course at times. You should see Wendy bounce off my new cushions and over the back of the chair, then skid along the wooden floor. It's a madhouse. xx

  3. very nice. Light and fresh and elegant. Just perfect.

    No snow here either. Well, I tell a lie. It did snow, big fat flakes, but it was in with the rain and had been a showery old day, so it didn't settle. Bloomin' cold today though. Evil wind.

    Understand totally about the coffee table. I wanted either a table or ottoman in the middle of the living room for years, but didn't dare while Violet was growing up. Had visions of bumped head, or standing on it and falling and breaking legs/arms/neck etc. So no. Couldn't do it until last year. And if in a few years she comes back a bit squiff and starts falling over it, I'll be more concerned about my European wood than her bonce! It'll serve her right" ha ha ha.

    Hope you are having a lovely day, your lunch there looks very nice. xx

    1. Thank you. I like how it looks, just need a few finishing touches, but I'll do that as I go along now.

      I've no idea how you can't see a coffee table but it was quite a long nasty cut. As I couldn't throw Amy out the coffee table went instead! Things can happen in a flash. Thomas jumped off the settee and broke his leg when he was 3. He didn't launch himself off it, just a quick jump as little ones do and spent 6 weeks in a cast. Dead right, there'll be no sympathy here either if they come back a bit worse for wear after a night out, although of course I shan't sleep a wink until I know they've not choked in their sleep and are up and OK the day after, but they don't need to know that do they :)

      Have a great weekend. xx