Sunday, 27 December 2015

Weather, Emergency Knickers and Naughty Nibbles

Watching the news, I'll say this for us. When the chips are down us British certainly know how to pull together. And our emergency services are nothing short of fantastic.

We've had our eyes and ears glued to weather reports today. Even though we're surrounded by flooded areas I can't see any problems for us here at Number 38, but Betws y Coed is another matter.

The main road we were going to take was flooded last night so already we're choosing other routes just in case. The biggest problem though is the road in and out of the village which keeps flooding. Although it's open at the moment, the advice of the hotel is to keep monitoring the situation as it could change at any time.

So, our plan of action is to take stock tomorrow morning and make our decision then. If we go, my contingency plan for the possibility of getting stranded is to take extra medication and underwear and a good dose of stoicism that we British do so very well! 

Amy blended herself a smoothie this morning which tasted delicious.
And she bought these for me, so when Thomas went to play at his friends house this afternoon I indulged in a long hot shower. 
I've been very naughty and eaten nothing that could be remotely classed as healthy today. Croissants, crackers and cheese, trifle, After Eight mints and Christmas Cake have been my menu of choice. But that's one of the best bits about Christmas, picking at the left overs.
I've packed for our break, positive thinking and all that, and I'm going to do the jigsaw border now. Yes, I know I said I wouldn't, but today has been one of those days that is never ending and I find myself sat here at 6pm, all done and dusted, waiting for Agatha Christie at 9pm. 

So, I'm making the most of the time warp, (they don't happen very often at Number 38),and will spend the evening doing a bit of what I fancy. 

If I don't post tomorrow you'll know we've set off. If I don't post on Wednesday you'll know we're stranded in Betws y Coed and I'll be wearing my emergency knickers!



  1. I hope all is well and you can get to your destination. Big pants and all! The weather has been pretty grim down here, I can only imagine how awful it's been for parts of the north.

    I love leftovers. But actually, we haven't had any this year. So we've scoffed KFC today!
    Yes, all back to normal tonight. Bill is back home, and Violet has gone potty with delight!

    Love that we are seeing the same ballet company. Their Swan Lake is so good. I blogged about it a couple of years back now. You can read about here.

    have a lovely evening. and safe journey to you when you go xx

  2. It's quite scary how things happen so fast. I've been watching what's happened at Haworth. The damage has been immense.
    I've barely moved today until an hour or so ago when i girded myself into the kitchen to cook Sunday dinner aka Christmas Dinner #2!
    There's leftover trifle for pud. All the rubbish n recycling is out for tmrw. We are venturing out tomorrow! Not far! Just going for a 'look' at the shops!

  3. Fingers crossed you get to the hotel as planned.

    Similar menu here. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm currently craving broccoli.

    1. We got there and back safely! Just in the nick of time by the looks of things as well. xx

  4. I've been watching on the news and on line about the flooding over there. Hope you manage to go on your trip. We were flooded in 2005. It had rained for days and the ground couldn't absorb anymore. We flooded 4 times in 2 weeks. Everytime we thought we had it beat it would flood again. Over here we have basements which are completely finished the same as the main floor. We have a family room, office, sewing room, laundry and furnace room, bathroom and storage room-all flooded. We ended up having to rip out all the carpets and the drywall 4 feet up from the ground everywhere. Also had a complete wall of built in cupboards and bookshelves, all had to come out as the wall was wet behind it. I never want to go through that again!! In 2013 our city had major flooding and the entire downtown was flooded and was closed down for days. There were people that had to be rescued from high rise apartments and office buildings. One of my brothers is a firefighter and he said that some of the buildings down town were flooded up to the first floor, but they had 3 levels of parlades below ground that were completely flooded and all the electrical stuff was down there. Our youngest son was flooded that year and went through about the same as we did in 2005. I feel really sorry for all the people in the uk that are going through similar situations.
    I'll be thinking of you in the next few days. Hope you manage to get away. It's snowing like crazy here, again. We'll only be going out to shovel the stuff today, nowhere else. Take care. Janice

    1. The weather here is relentless. No sooner have people cleared up than they are being flooded again. It sounds horrendous what you went through but you more than anybody can probably understand how devastating it is for them. Even though some of the older houses have cellars it's not the norm over here to kit them out like you seem to do over there.

      It's not just the flooding, like you said, it's having to rip everything out and replace it and it'll be months before some people are back in their homes. Such a shame.

      Give me snow anytime! xx