Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Thinking Ahead

We've not even reached Christmas yet and I'm already thinking ahead to the New Year. I spotted these 'selfie' masks in the card shop and decided we'd have a bit of fun with them on New Year's Eve. I've got my eye on the trumpet and the big red kissy lips.
And we always start to think about holidays in the New Year. Mark has always wanted to visit New York, but I don't think that will happen, so we're discussing Amsterdam, somewhere I'd really like to go. He enjoys driving and already has Southern Spain, Portugal and South of France under his belt, so it's not a problem for him. Plus I'm more comfortable with driving than flying. Nothing is set in stone though, we might, we might not. At the moment it's just a thought at the back of our minds.
Just in case Santa has a memory lapse and forgets to bring me any books I bought my own today. We won't go to Bury now until the New Year and I can't be without a book to read over Christmas.
Thomas had his class Christmas party this afternoon, so it was non-uniform for him today. I also received a text from Amy's school telling me she's allowed  to wear her own clothes on Friday, and I quote "for being a great student and a member of the school community". 

Apparently, form teachers are issued with a list of who is and isn't allowed to wear their own clothes. If you're not on the list and turn up in non-uniform you get sent home. Amy says the teacher goes through the list at registration so those who are sent home already have their attendance mark and don't bother coming back as they finish at lunch time anyway. So the ones who haven't been 'good enough' to wear their own clothes and break the rule come off better anyway. Teenagers are smart little critters aren't they.

We're off to Matthew and Sophie's tonight to drop off Christmas presents. We're going out with them on Friday for a meal but don't want to be lugging this little lot around Manchester with us especially as two of them are bottles. 
And finally, the answer to the catchphrase yesterday was breakfast. Sue over at 'Our Quiet Life in Suffolk' was very quick off the mark with that one. The peanut butter riddle seemed to have you scratching your heads though, although Mrs G's son got it. The answer is Diamonds! Yes, diamonds from peanut butter. I'll definitely be investigating the process in more detail.

Today's are:
A bit easier than yesterday I think. 



  1. I understand, it's a clock ;o)

    So basically, the teachers have a Naughty or Nice list?! ha ha.
    Violet isn't too upset about being off for the rest of this week. She's definitely improving, stopped being sick *hallelujah* but still needs to get her sleeping and eating sorted out.

    Always a good idea to buy your own books, I put mine in the Amazon wish list so Bill would have no chance of getting it wrong! ;o)

    1. Oops forgot to say your were right with the answers xx

  2. Yes, it is a naughty or nice list isn't it haha. Only it would appear the naughty ones get the better deal of a morning off after being sent home to get changed.

    So glad to hear Violet is recovering. Amy is coming down with a cold and has a temperature so not sure if she'll be in tomorrow. Nothing to be done about it, it's just that time of year for bugs and colds.

    I can't be without a book even if I don't feel like reading one. I like to have the safety net of there being one there just in case I get the urge. xx

    1. I bloody well HATE this system some schools ( not mine ) have where kids with good attendance get to go to the disco etc and behaviour. Grrrrr
      Ffs and as for the non uniform day. Seriously. Has any behaved Ben better for the chance? No she'll behave anyway. And the non do formers win win so what is the point??!!!!


    2. I was so RANTY I didn't check my typing lol
      What I meant was
      Your Amy deserves credit for being a fabulous student and credit to her ( and her parents ) but being allowed to wear own clothes on one day is a bit lame tbh. Whoopdi do!

      I need it to be end of term!!!

    3. For a moment I thought you'd opened the chocolate baileys and necked the lot in one go rofl. I don't get all these rewards and punishments to be honest. I read today in one daily paper about a little boy who got knocked over and had to have 2 weeks off school. Because his attendance was then below the 96% required he's been banned from watching a Disney film in the hall on the last day of school. He's 5 years old!

      Amy announced tonight she can't be bothered deciding what to wear tomorrow (she's not very well, bad cough and cold so isn't interested in anything at the moment), so she's just going in her uniform anyway! I'm not sure why she's going in at all tbh. She's really poorly and it's only for half a day. But that's how much attendance is drummed into them. I will put my foot down though if I don't think she's well enough. Wonder if she'll get sent home because she should be in her own clothes.

      Don't worry Rachel, this time tomorrow it will all be over :) xx

  3. We went to Amsterdam fairly recently and loved it. It's a lovely city and there's so much to see. Bought myself a Christmas read (Murder at the Old Vicarage) and was really disappointed. It's supposedly an homage to Agatha Christie. I think I'll stick with Agatha Christie. We eat a lot of peanut butter here. Maybe I should turn up the central heating!

    1. I might have to pick your brains if we decide to go. I'm weaving my magic on Mark but whether it will work or not I don't know.

      Is the book an Agatha Raisin one? I keep picking them up and putting them down again but was going to try a couple in the New Year.

      I'm the only one who eats peanut butter so only get through 2 or 3 jars a year. But I'd be quite happy if each jar yielded one diamond. xx