Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Sweets, Peanut Butter and A Show

Today's post seems to be all about biscuits and sweets. What can I say. It's nearly Christmas. 

We went to visit Tom's sister this afternoon. He used to go and see her every Christmas but obviously that's not going to happen this year, so we went instead. We took her a box of chocolate biscuits and her Christmas card and spent a couple of hours with her. She's very easy company, mainly because she doesn't stop talking, so you're never scrambling around for something to say. Bless her.  
My dates are long gone and I'm now working my way through the Turkish Delight. I put the scales in the wardrobe this morning and shoved them right to the back until the New Year! 
I'll have a couple of pieces tonight while watching 'Back In Time For Christmas'. Did anybody see it? Last night the family had a 1940's, 50's and 60's Christmas Day and tonight they'll be starting with the 70's. One of the presents given to the boy was a 'junior smoking set', which was all smoking related things made from chocolate, probably similar to the one below. I don't remember smoking anything chocolate when I was little but I did get through a few packets of sweet cigarettes with red on the end. As I've never smoked it mustn't have done me any harm.

I bought a box of Terry's Segsations today. It was a mistake, I thought they were the original chocolates but Mark didn't seem to mind judging by these empty wrappers. This is the result of not hiding them straight away. I also bought a box of celebrations but they are definitely going under lock and key until next week.
I've tasked Amy and Thomas with putting on a 10 minute 'show' for us on Christmas Eve and they are now in the other room laughing and giggling about what they're going to do. I can hear Thomas getting giddier by the minute. Considering the age difference they get on really well, helped by the fact that Amy is always up for a laugh and willing to join in, even at nearly 16 years old.

Yesterday's answers were 'split personality' and 'a cold'. To be honest I'm not convinced about the answer to today's riddle about the peanut butter. I'd never come up with it unless I googled. 
I might just buy a few jars and give it a go though. Good Luck! 



  1. Oh heck, hard ones. No idea unless the first is breakfast

    1. Breakfast is correct. You were quick of the mark with that one :) I'm not sure many people would know the answer to the riddle unless they googled it, (although Mrs G's son got it). It's diamonds. Yep, can you believe good ole peanut butter can produce diamonds. Wonder if it has to be the crunchy type? xx

  2. Breakfast and (according to science geek son) diamonds!

    1. Well done Mrs G and science geek son :) You got both right. Who'd have thought you could make diamonds from peanut butter. All you need to do now is buy a few jars, get your son on the job and you'll be living the high life. Don't forget to post me a couple though. xx

  3. ha. I had to google after reading this as I had no idea. Really? Hm. I can't say I believe it either.

    good for you for ignoring the scales. Me too. Actually, I've not weighed myself for years, I go by my jeans. A bit on the snug side and I step away from the Big Mac Meals. Or Festive Feasts at this time of year :O)

    I remember those little boxes of cigarettes, little rolled up sweetie stuff that looked just like rolled cigs with baccy. Forget the name, but I loved them. Used to walk around pretending to smoke before scoffing them, but I've never been a smoker either. Perhaps it's reverse psychology.

    Took Violet to the drs, she's got some sick virus thing which is what I suspected, but had to get her thoroughly checked out as at times today I was seriously worried about her. I'm not an overly fussy mum who takes her little cherub to the drs at the drop of a hat, I tend to wait and see, but this time I felt I had to. No school for her the rest of this week. She's pleased but in her own words 'just want to feel normal again'. :o(

    Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked the reindeer art, all inspired by your good self! :o) x

    1. I'm not sure either but if there's a national peanut butter shortage you'll know I've figured out how to do it haha.

      It probably is reverse psychology. A bit like when Amy asks if she can have a drink. We always says yes. Nothing is much fun if your parents advocate it is it. I don't do statistics either. Mum and Dad smoked, had 4 children (so statistically we're prone to smoking ourselves), but only one of us does.

      Glad to read Violet is on the mend. I hate sickness bugs in children, they can become dehydrated so quickly. When Matthew was 3 he ended up in Monsall hospital on a drip for a week in an isolation unit. Mark says it was the worst thing he's ever been through. So I always give mine 24 hours to improve, at 36 hours I start to worry and at 48 hours I'd definitely be seeking medical advice. Thankfully, we've never reached that stage. And I'm not a fussy mum either, but things can turn really quickly in kids. xx

  4. When I was 7 I had my appendix out at Booth Hall hospital A few days later I got 'the runs'. They decided I had dysentery and transferred me to Monsall,'The Fever Hospital'. I was in a 4 bed ward. The 2 adult woman across from me could have visitors but the lady next to me and myself had to talk to our visitors through the window. I'll never forget my mum and dad standing outside, in the snow, talking to me through a closed window. and me crying me eyes out!!! After a week my mum signed me out, against doctors orders, cause she thought I was fretting away! Can you imagine that happening today! I hadn't thought about that for years until reading your comment above, mentioning Monsall.

    1. It's hard to believe how things used to be isn't it. I think I'd be inclined to sign Amy and Thomas out as well. Mind you that's probably not as easy to do these days. I'm sure social services would be brought in and court orders put in place etc.

      Things had slightly improved 26 years ago when Matthew was admitted. Mark says Matthew's Mum was allowed in the room with him but nobody else. The plus side was Mark's aunty worked on the ward so she kept an eye on him when his Mum popped out for a break. Traumatic times for all concerned.

      Monsall is long gone. It was closed in 1993 and there are houses there now. xx