Monday, 7 December 2015


Thomas went to Robinwood today. He was so excited. He marched straight across the playground pulling his case behind him and went into school with all his friends without even a backwards glance at me bringing up the rear! 

Seriously, no hug, no kiss, no chance for me to say "have a great time, don't forget to brush your teeth, change your undies every day, your hat and gloves are in the bag, your money is in your wallet...." you know how it goes, those 101 last minute things parents feel the need to say when all the children want to do is go and be with their friends. 
All the parents hung around the playground to give a last minute wave as they all boarded the coach, but even then I only got a cursory glance. He was too busy chatting to his friend, probably about some latest Xbox mission they've been on.

Back home I got down to a bit of present wrapping. This year Thomas has only asked for an Xbox game. I've learnt my lesson where he's concerned about buying things. If he hasn't asked for it that's because he doesn't want it. Quite often I find myself passing things to the charity shop mid-year so I don't go overboard any more buying loads to make the pile look big. Amy has asked for lots of bits and bobs that teenage girls always want so she's got lots to open. Her pile is on the left and Thomas' is on the right. 
My cross stitch is coming along nicely. I thought it would take longer than it has but I'm not complaining. I like quick projects these days, I'm a sucker for instant gratification when it comes to crafting.
I've decided to put a few Christmas decorations up, nothing too over the top though until Thomas gets back, so the Nativity is now in place. I've never heard of a mouse featuring in the nativity story but it was Mark's contribution so I'll leave it for a couple of days before moving it.
And I bought this little countdown board as well.
For a bit of festiveness upstairs, (I don't usually bother), I've hung a bauble wreath on the bathroom door.
And put the reindeer list at the top of the stairs.
With Thomas being away it meant I was able to cook just the one meal tonight. I choose lasagne and actually I didn't cook it, Mark did which is very unusual but very much appreciated. It's probably a once a year occurrence and he insisted I took photographic evidence.
And that's Monday over with. It's been a long day with no school run to break up the afternoon. I could do with a few more days like this, but I'll settle for one more tomorrow. 



  1. pah, kids! is it too much to ask for just one little tear being wiped as he waved goodbye?! Joking. That must have been a huge relief for you, imagine if he had been sad or clinging to you saying he didn't want to leave. I'm glad he was excited, and jealous of your no school run days. It's absolutely tipping it down here right now, so not only am I going to get soaked, but I've got to brace myself for Violet whinging the entire 10 minute walk home. 10 minutes. Nothing is it? And we're homeward bound, but she'll gripe and moan the whole time.

    Violet wanted me to leave the tree until she was home. But I'm a control freak so no, didn't do that. The tree is up. The room is in a state of half decorated, but that's ok. I couldn't wait a moment longer, the tree had to go up. The rest of the week I will add decs throughout. I always say it won't be overboard, and it's not. Just a whole lot of fairy lights plugged in wherever I can plug them!

    ooh, lasagne. Could do with a slice of that myself right now. And I'm really liking your reindeer list. Tell me, where did you find it? I want one.


    1. I was glad that he went straight in and so proud of him as well. Must admit I've loved these 2 days of no school runs, the afternoons have seemed never ending. I go in the car but even so I have to set off at 3pm to get a space that's still nowhere near the school gate and by the time Thomas has come out and we've got home it's gone 3.30p. Haha, kids have whingeing down to a fine art. I suggest a pair of bright pink fluffy ear muffs for the walk home.

      I'm getting the tree out on Friday so it will be ready for Amy and Thomas to decorate when they come home from school. Pre-children my trees were very co-ordinated and grown up, not so now, but I think a couple more years and I'll be back to doing them again. Thomas loses interest halfway through and wanders off to do something else. It feels very late for us this year and I'm itching to get on with it.

      The reindeer list came from Quality Save and cost the grand total of £2.99. Bargain! xx

  2. Love your decorations. None here as I've been busy sorting and emptying my aunt's house (and you well know what that's like).

    Do you offer your mister for hire? The one here hasn't cooked since, ooh, must be 1982.

    1. Thanks Liz. Planning to put the full tree and rigmarole up this Friday. Do not envy you having to clear your Aunt's house. When I look back at what we had to do I wonder how we actually managed it, even with the nephew on hand.

      I'm more than happy to hire Mark out, not sure what he'd think though. He's more than capable of cooking and after a rant by me a few months ago is supposed to do one meal a week. How this has turned into one meal a year I've no idea. I'm far too easy going for my own good. xx

  3. He will return utterly filthy and exhausted!! Love the little festive touches X I've no patience with cross stitching! The little red letterbox looks gorgeous though X

    1. You're spot on Rachel. He's getting in the shower and having an early night. I've no idea what he's done with the towels. It looks like he's dragged them through a puddle. They're actually dirty and sopping wet. I've finished my cross stitch. I really enjoyed and will get another (small) one in the New Year. Will show you tomorrow. xx