Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Results and Robinwood

Amy got her GCSE mock results today. A*'s, A's and B's, but the grade we were all most thrilled about was her maths, where she managed to hit that all important C. It's definitely given her a confidence boost. 

I picked up a few sparkly stars in Bury for over the Nativity scene and to add a bit of colour to a plain wall. I can't find the paper ones I made and my crafting skills weren't up to making any so I bought some from the £1 shop and added a 'special' silver star.  
And I found these in Wilko. One of the Christmas Eve games I do is based on the TV programme Catch Phrase or as we say to Thomas "say what you see". I'll use these and print some picture ones from the computer as well. It took me about 1 minute to get this, Mark is rubbish at the game and after 5 minutes walked away in a huff. I'll print the answer at the bottom for those who want to have a go.
I just need 3 or 4 stocking fillers for Thomas and Christmas is pretty much done and dusted I think. Actually, I'm sat here mentally running through everybody and I'm definitely done. That's capital D, capital O, capital N, capital E. DONE.

All I need to do now is sort the food list out but that's the easy part as we don't really go over the top.

Thomas came home from Robinwood having had a fantastic time. He took part in everything, abseiling, canoeing, zip wire, trapeze, you name it he did it. The only thing he didn't like was the 'dungeon of doom' but from what he's described it doesn't surprise me. He doesn't like the dark and is sensitive to certain noises. One of the things he was most proud of was drinking a cup of hot chocolate! 

I know he's definitely changed his tracksuit bottoms while he's been away, but I'm not sure about anything else as it was still all packed neatly in the case. I'll have to wash everything though because he'd dumped 2 big sopping wet dirty towels on top of everything and even the stuff at the bottom was damp. 

The shower gel hasn't been opened and his toothbrush is dry so although he tells me he's had a shower he must have just stood under the water.

Who cares though. He had a great time and that's the main thing.
He's definitely having a good scrub tonight though!


And the answer, although I'm sure all you clever people got it, is "space invaders".


  1. Lol at your filthy boy!! I'm not sure I'd have gone in the dungeon either! I'm a bit geeky nerdy with those games and got it in a nano second!!!

    1. Well done you! I think I'll post one a day until Christmas just for a bit of fun. xx

    2. I look forward to the challenge! Don't give the answer away in the same post! Make us wait til the next one ! I'm like an eager puppy wagging my tail waiting for a treat !!!! Just off to blog - I made a cushion cover yesterday!! Back to work today though! Can't wait !

    3. Rofl, I'm sort of OK at things like this, but not as quick as you. As requested, I'll post the answer the day after, but if your brain works that quick you're not going to need 24 hours to decipher the next one!

      Oohh a craft project. Hope you're going to post a picture for me. Did you ever find those branches or have flooding events overtook you. Terrible again for people in Cumbria. There was a news items today showing the hotel in Glen Ridding where me and Mark had a drink donkeys years ago when we were on a weekend away. Beautiful place. Must re-visit next year. xx

    4. The branches will have to wait till next tome I think! I forgot to say a big fat well done to Amy. Clever girl X

    5. Amy says "thank you". Unless you're really bad at maths, like me, you probably can't appreciate how much a C means! The last thing she wants to do is re-take it at college.

      The branch tree will be something to look forward to next year :) xx

  2. yey! I got it. Feeling so clever with self now!
    I am so, so pleased Thomas had such a good time. But I'm even more pleased that he's home.
    Stars are gorgeous. x

    1. Well done! You lot are so clever. Thomas had a great time but he's happy to be back to his home comforts. He said he would go again so that's how much he enjoyed it. The stars look better in real life as they sparkle. xx