Monday, 21 December 2015

Poorly Baby and Lost Boots

Baby Roman was admitted to hospital over the weekend with a staph infection. He's on fluids, antibiotics and oxygen. They're also waiting for the results of some blood tests to see exactly what the infection is.  Bless him, he's only 4 weeks old. I was at Mum's this morning when my niece text her, so I had a quick 'chat' with her. The antibiotics finish on Christmas Eve so we're all hoping he will be home for his first Christmas. I'm sure he'll be fine but it's a worrying time for his mum and dad. 

I sorted through all the presents today and put them in 'piles' in the wardrobe. I've got piles for Secret Santa, Stocking Fillers, Christmas presents for Amy and Thomas, Christmas presents from everybody for Joan and our Christmas presents for everybody else. The only thing I couldn't find were Amy's boots. I pulled every flipping present out to see if they'd been pushed to the back of the wardrobe, only to remember later on that I'd hidden them in Thomas' wardrobe. What a pain! There are presents rammed into every space. Not because we've gone overboard but because the wardrobe is full of stuff anyway. We really need to go through it after Christmas. 
I went to Sainsburys to buy bread, because the turkey is where the bread usually is in the freezer and picked up a half price table covering while I was there. I also bought some stamps for 2 forgotten Christmas cards that needed posting. I've no idea what the cut off date for posting was but they'll get there eventually. 
And I was going to marzipan the cake but forgot to get the jam while I was out, so that will have to be done tomorrow now. I did remember the Buck's Fizz though. My priorities are definitely all wrong haha! At only 4% I can handle a glass or two of this while I'm cooking lunch. I don't hit the 'hard' stuff until the evening when I'm sat down and there's nothing else to do. 
And that's it really. As my Santa countdown board tells me, only 4 more sleeps to go. 



  1. oh, those poor parents. What an awful, awful worry for them. And of course, poor baby Roman. Here's hoping he can be home for his first Christmas. Sending good, happy, and healthy vibes.

    Ah presents. Hmm. They seem to be hidden all over the place here too, and for exactly the same reason. Too much stuff. I was doing nicely decluttering and sorting things out until my little drama in September/October stopped me. After that I seemed to lose my way a bit, and then *wallop* Christmas. Back to the decluttering in January.

    4 sleeps. Wow, this month has gone fast. Love that you got the BF and forgot the jam! ha ha. You have got your priorities right!


    1. Thanks Sadie. There was talk of him coming home and the district nurse coming out to give him the a/b via his drip, but they're not sure about that at the moment.

      I'd like to put some presents under the tree but not sure if Wendy can be trusted! Decluttering in January is something I look forward to a lot. It's probably like the equivalent of your WM for me.

      There's nothing on my 'to do' list today apart from this blinking jam. I think I'll send Amy to the shop to pick some up for me. xx

  2. Oh, poor baby and his parents. Everything crossed here that he gets home for Christmas.

    I'm so disorganised this year (planning a funeral etc really takes the focus away) and was running up and down Sainsburys aisles at 7 this morning. Actually, I quite enjoyed myself as I was the only one in there for a while but I've probably forgotten something essential.

    My present wrapping leaves a lot to be desired, I must say (your corners look perfect!). I just needed to get through it yesterday so any finesse went out the window.

    1. Thanks, I've Not heard anything so far today so things must still be the same.

      My cut off point for everything is 9am Christmas Eve, if we haven't got it by then, we do without. My sanity and health are more important than a forgotten bag of parsnips these days lol.

      I can totally understand where you are coming from. Christmas wouldn't be my priority if I was organising a funeral either. And yes, getting the basics done is sometimes a major achievement with everything else that's going on in the background.

      I know it's not the best time for a funeral but I'd rather have it now than sit through Christmas waiting for it to happen. Hope you manage to have a few relaxing days over the holidays. Take care of yourself. xx

  3. What a worrying time for you all, especially Baby Roman's mum and dad. Sending you all love n light X

    I'm supposed to be wrapping, however I've only done three things. I do not know what is up with me!! I'm sat by the lights of my lovely tree and cannot tear myself away!!

    1. Thanks Rachel. Everything seems worse at Christmas as well. I'll text my niece later on to see how he's doing.

      You still have 48 hours before Christmas Eve, plenty of time for wrapping. Stay where you are for a bit longer and enjoy the moment. Then pour yourself a nice glass of something and set to. You'll get there eventually. xx

  4. Hope Roman is home for Christmas, it must be so stressful for the parents. I'm pretty well ready as I'll ever be for the BIG day! It's our anniversary today so we are just waiting for friends to arrive (it's their anniversary too) and after a few nibbles and drinks we'll be going out for supper to celebrate! It's 33 years for us although we lived together for 12 years before we got married-didn't want to rush into anything lol)and 38 for them and we have never missed the 4 of us going out for the last 33 years.
    Do you wait to put the presents under the tree 'til Christmas Eve? It was very different when we came to Canada. In England we didn't see any presents until Christmas morning whereas here the presents are under the tree for a week before the big day. My parents had to tell my younger brothers and sister that really they were empty boxes and Santa came on Christmas eve night and put the presents in. We also didn't have a fireplace as everybody had central heating so how did Santa get in the house. There was a lot of fast talking going on lol!!!
    We have a house full on Christmas eve and open presents and then we go to the oldest sons and DIL on Christmas day for the turkey dinner. I've been cooking appitizer type stuff for the last few days for christmas eve and done tons of baking. Good thing I give most of it to the kids!!

    1. Happy Anniversary Janice. 33 years marriage plus 12 years together is quite something. Congratulations to you both. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned with your friends. Enjoy yourselves and please pass on my congratulations to them as well.

      It's looking like Roman will be home, which is good news as my sister and all her family, baby included, are heading up to Glen Eagles for Christmas. My niece will go a day later now but so far it looks as though they will all be there together. Fingers crossed.

      We put adult presents under the tree (FC only brings gifts for children), and those get put out when Thomas is asleep. Presents under the tree for a week would give Thomas a nervous breakdown. I love how things are done differently around the world. Your parents explanation was very good! Obviously quick thinkers lol. How do Canadian parents explain it to their children. Do they tell them Father Christmas comes the week before and puts the presents under the tree? In which case, what role does he play on Christmas Eve?

      My mum's friend used to go to her family for Christmas and on Christmas Day the children were allowed to open their stocking gifts but no presents until after lunch. I thought that was really cruel, but if that's your tradition I suppose it's what you're used to. I just can't imagine Thomas and Amy waiting til 3pm to open theirs.

      Sounds like Christmas Eve will be busy but a lot of fun for you. That's the trouble when i bake, I tend to eat most of it.

      Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and if I don't hear from you before wishing you all a Very Happy New Year. xx

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  6. So glad to hear that Roman is home from the hospital.
    Just a quick answer as we have to go and get a few last minute things (talk about glutton for punishment).
    Over here the presents are either put under the tree and the kids are told they are all empty and Santa comes on Christmas Eve to fill them, or they now use the Elf on the Shelf to make sure they don't touch or shake presents. If they touch the elf will tell santa and that's not good!lol I think a lot of parents of little ones just don't put them out early. Can you imagine not being able to touch, I'd never survive the wait if I was a kid!!

    1. Oh I see, so the general theme is Santa comes and fills the boxes. As an adult I think the Elf spy is funny, but Thomas would be scared witless thinking there was a 'live' Elf living here waiting to tell tales on him lol.

      It all depends on what you grow up doing doesn't it. What seems unusual to us is obviously perfectly normal over there.

      To be honest if I put them out early I'd probably worry more about Wendy (our dog) ripping them all to bits than the children giving them a sneaky shake. xx