Thursday, 17 December 2015

Pom Poms and Wishing Wells

Sophie gave me these last night which she'd made herself. A slab of chocolate with fruit, nuts and little gold nugget things and some Christmas biscuits. She loves baking and last year we got a bag of biscotti which were delicious.
One of the games I'm organising for Christmas Eve is based on Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game when the contestants had to make something with the clock ticking. After a bit of thought I came up with a snow covered wishing well. I've assembled the bottom using biscuits, buttercream and ready roll icing.
And the roofs are drying out. It's just for fun and isn't supposed to look perfect, thank goodness. I'll give everybody the stuff they need and they'll have 2 minutes to assemble it. It's not that hard to do but when you're on a time limit panic can set in so I'm sure I'll get plenty of laughs watching everybody.  I'm hoping to have my finished prototype ready to show you all tomorrow. If it works of course. 
Thomas' school sent a text this afternoon saying they could wear a Christmas jumper tomorrow if they wanted to. 11th hour information again! It didn't matter because he wouldn't wear anything woolley anyway, even over a t-shirt, but he did want to wear something so I came up with this.
It's surprising what you can do with a bag of pom poms, a green t-shirt and some needle and thread. I knocked the pom poms flying all over the table so the design changed as I sewed them on which is why it looks different, but for a one-day event I think it'll do the trick. I already had the green t-shirt. At the beginning of every school year I buy a red, green and yellow one and these tend to cover any colour themed charity/fun days the school takes part in.

And I think this will be the last catchphrase and riddle I post today. Because you're all so clever and I started doing two of them I've run out! The answers to yesterdays were 'I understand' and 'A clock'. 

The ones above are really easy but I thought we could all go out on a superior knowledge high.



  1. Oh I. First to comment and even though I know the answers I'm going to feign defeat and declare I've NO idea what they are!!!!

    I love the pompon tree. It's been chaos at work today with the infants having their party day with Father Christmas coming to visit and then having to contain the juniors until home time when they could go get their glad rags on for the disco!! It was loud! The kids looked great. And looked like kids. Like ten year olds should. We've had trollopy types in years gone past with 11s going on 18. What their parents must think is appropriate is the direct opposite to me! There's time to grow up for goodness sake!!

    1. Actually I think I've finally managed to catch you out and you're only pretending to know the answers lol.

      Sounds like you've had a very busy day/week. I can't recall any trollopy types at the school discos I've been to, lots of sparkle, glitter and sequins but it's all been appropriate. It was Y3's party on Tuesday which is the day I do reading with them and the girls all looked lovely in their party dresses.

      Mind you, Thomas had only been at his new school a couple of months when World Book Day came round and one TA turned up as the Queen of Hearts (more like the Queen of Tarts). She wouldn't have looked out of place as a strippagram. Low cut, cleavage showing basque, mini skirt, black lace, red satin. I was absolutely gobsmacked. She should definitely have been sent home to get changed. I don't know what she was thinking it was just so inappropriate. xx

  2. I thought I looked great that day!!!

    1. Rofl rofl, Rachel you really make me laugh. What are you like! :) :) :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. You're a real card, as my dear old Nan would say. xx