Thursday, 3 December 2015

Panto, Packing and Dance Lesson 3

I went to the panto with school this morning. It was Peter Pan so I was quite happy to go. If it had been Dick Whittington or Aladdin I might have been otherwise engaged. I find the story lines for both of those really boring.

I didn't get home til gone 1pm so I did a Nigella for lunch, minus the toasting bit. Avocado on granary bread. Lovely.
I've spent this afternoon packing for our weekend away and also for Thomas going to Robinwood on Monday. It's all done and dusted now, I just need to drop the doggies off in the morning and we can get going. 

It's a late post tonight as I thought you might like an update on the dancing. Well, we didn't laugh as much this week because believe it or not we managed to waltz around the floor a fair few times without any mishaps. We also learnt the second step of the cha cha cha, (our hips were a bit looser this week as well) and we did the first part of the rumba. Unfortunately, there are no more lessons now until the New Year as the teacher is away on holiday. No doubt, after such a long break we'll be back to square one.
PJ's are now on and I'm settled down with a baileys and a chocolate all set to watch 24 hours in A&E. Then it'll be bed and a couple of chapters of a new book. Simple pleasures.

Back soon.



  1. mmm, avocado. Lovely. When I want it in a sandwich or on toast, I'll often grill a bit of bacon and add sliced tomato, man alive it's good. I didn't see Nigella 'cook' her 'recipe', but I saw the outrage on Twitter about it. Hilarious! Almost as bad as Delia showing how to boil an egg.

    You've got a busy weekend coming up, and I bet you'll be glad when Thomas is back, though he's going to have a brilliant time I am sure.

    Shame the dancing is on hold. When the BBC bring out non celeb Strictly (which they really should), I fully expect to see you go on it!

    Simple pleasures are the best. I tend to paint my nails every night. I sit in bed, watching something good on telly (Celeb Masterchef for example), do my nails, glass of wine at my side, it's bliss. Violet asked me this morning why I do my nails every night, but hello?! Did she miss, the relaxing/wine/telly bit? ;o)

    Have a lovely weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week. x

    1. No I didn't see it either, but the papers were full of it, as if there's nothing better going on in the world!

      Just about to go pack for Thomas. He's really excited - I'm nervous, just hoping he'll be OK.

      Yep, the little things in life are the best aren't they. Your bedtime routines sounds lovely. Haha, surely it's a well known rule of the world that nails can only be done if a big comfy bed, alcohol and TV are available.

      Cracking on with some present wrapping myself this week while Thomas is away. xx

  2. I have two bottles of Bailey's in the cupboard. Soooo tempted to have some now. X

    1. Oooh crack it open and you can join me for a drinky-poo every evening. xx

  3. I really fancy having s try of that special edition chocolate baileys this year... Might get it!!

    1. Go on, do it and let me know what you think. I'm never sure about drinks that don't taste like they're supposed to if you know what I mean. I'm halfway through my bottle already. Really enjoy my little tipple every night. I've not got a chocolate to go with it though, need to remedy that pretty sharpish. xx