Friday, 18 December 2015

Let the Holidays Begin

It's the last day of term today and I can hear the whoops of delight from children and teachers alike.

Thomas dressed and ready to go in his Christmas 'jumper'.
A little gift for his teachers and teaching assistants. I've bought for 5 staff. He swaps classes for different subjects and then there's the lego therapy teacher and he won't leave anybody out. Quite right too. I don't differentiate between staff, in my mind they all work as hard as each other. 
Christmas card and calendar from Thomas. Love, love, love that the card and calendar tradition is still thriving in primary schools. Long may it reign.
Also love that Thomas always signs his cards "from you son, Thomas", as if we need reminding who he is.
The roof has dried out and the wishing well idea appears to work.
We were supposed to be going out to Manchester tonight for a meal at Gusto's with Matthew and Sophie. Amy was coming as well and Mum was babysitting Thomas for us. But, Amy isn't well and neither is Matthew so we've cancelled until the New Year.

I was looking forward to pulling up a chair and treating myself to a couple of pre dinner cocktails but I'll have to wait now. 

All is not lost though. I still have a bottle of champagne from my birthday so I'll open that instead as a consolation prize for a cancelled night out.
Is it really the weekend before Christmas! Hope you all enjoy it. 



  1. I love how he signs your card! We school staff are genuinely touched when parents choose to show appreciation though I never expect anything! I've the school choir to go watch at The Priory in an hour though I'm not staying till the end!

    1. I know teachers don't expect anything but I like to show a little gratitude for all you do. Regardless of what goes on throughout the year, in the majority of cases you're all very very much appreciated. xx

  2. Then I'm DONE and free!!
    Mega day of shopping n stuff tomorrow, finish my decorations and then I am in relax mode for two whole lovely delicious weeks!

    1. There's nothing quite like that end of term feeling is there. It's one of the things I miss about working in school. xx

    2. It's the interval and I'm loving it! The kids brought a tear to my eye singing Handel's Messiah. Staying til the end and then off to the pub for a cheeky pint on the way home!

    3. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the evening. I used to open the office door when the children were in the hall singing so I could hear them. Hope you enjoyed the pint. I had 3 cheeky glasses of champers and the bubbles went straight to my head! xx

  3. Enjoy your glasses of bubbly! Love the Christmas top and the wishing well turned out, well, well. Thomas' card reminds me of the year the boy here wrote in his card to us, 'To Mum and family'. His primary school teachers thought we'd split up!

    1. Well, let me start by saying I was very pleased that the well turned out so well...well lol.

      Kids are so funny aren't they. A little girl in Amy's class refused to send her Mother's Day card to her mum and sent it to her dad instead. Took a while for those rumours to die down I can tell you.

      Do you think "to my family" is a standard greeting these days because they can be so complex. I often wonder why Thomas doesn't put To Mum and Dad. Wonder if they just copy it off the board. xx

  4. sorry I didn't get here yesterday. I tried. I've had so little time to myself this week, Violet is über demanding when she's not well! I love the t-shirt you came up with for the festive jumper day.
    Festive gifts for teachers are few & far between. We normally drop in a tin of Quality st. for the staffroom and a smaller box for the secretaries, but haven't been there to do it this week. Will make sure I do it after Christmas, because I feel mean not having done it this year.

    I'm so sorry illness has descended at No. 38. I hope it clears off before Christmas. Rotten luck. :o(

    Oh lady, what are you doing teasing me with the Champs? Save me a glass! x

    1. The Champers is going down a treat Sadie. On my third glass already. I'd had a sneaky look at the cocktail menu beforehand and I'd already picked mine out but alas it as not to be. At £8.50 each though I'm probably quids in drinking the Moet!

      Even though we've had our 'run ins' with the teachers I keep it 'professional' and still like to acknowledge all the effort they put in Trust me, they definitely go the extra mile with Thomas. He is not your averagel cut and dried kind of kid by a long chalk lol. There's only one teacher I've ever come across that I could have swung for and she was the reason we moved Thomas to another school. She definitely wouldn't have been on my gift list.

      Amy has one of those horrible dirty coughs. The kind that could easily turn into a chest infection. I've made an appointment for her at the Doctors on Monday because it's easier to cancel if she's OK than make one if she's not.

      I feel for you. Amy used to be like that. I was at her beck and call every time she was ill, but more than that, she just wanted me to be near her all the time. There are times when I might as well have been tied to the settee. Making a brew was as much as I could do. Thomas is totally different. Quite happy to lie down and get on with it in his own way. Is Violet on the mend now? It seems to be lingering, poor thing. xx

    2. :O) she is. She's fine. I could have sent her to school yesterday, but they say 48 hrs since last time they are sick, and that would have been wee hours of Wednesday a.m, so technically, she was still in that 48 hour zone. No matter. I popped into school early to pick up her PE kit and leave crackers and sweeties for her class. Saw the head teacher who said that in the school disco the night before there had been a projectile vomit incident. Urgh. Can you imagine? Excited kids, hot and loud room, sick just hurtling about and kids getting hit/skidding in it. Not nice.

      Violet is like Amy then. I have to be right there next to her. At one point she fell asleep, I sat in the chair using the laptop, she woke up and instantly called 'mum?' then looked for me and said 'oh, I thought you had gone'. Got her downstairs for change of scene and the chance of having windows open full blast, and ended up having to sit beside her watching flippin' Nick Junior!

      Very good idea to book the drs appointment, you are wise. much easier to cancel than make during Christmas week. That's partly why I took Violet along so early, rather get her checked out and made to feel like an overprotective mother, than watch her get worse and not be able to get her to a dr.

      Forgot to say, when I sign cards for Bill, I like to sign 'from your wife', followed with my full name, with Mrs in brackets. I just like him to remember who I am! And I don't call him anything lovely dovey, he's either old git/old timer/ the Grinch (this time of year), and always, his full name. I do call him just 'Bill', but more often than not, it's his full name. And to confuse matters even more, Bill isn't actually his name, he's Iain! ha ha!

    3. Oh yes I remember that. They shout before they've even looked for you. In the nicest possible way when they're ill it can feel like having a noose around your neck that they keep tugging. We've been brain dead watching kids programmes with Amy. Back then we only had one TV and we hadn't extended so there was no other room to shove her in. It was a toss up between being 'allowed' to sit down and watch Dora the bloody Explorer or being a Red Coat. That's why there's a big age difference between Amy and Thomas. It took me 5 years to get over the shock of her lol.

      We don't do lovey dovey names either. But we have got a full repartee of names we call each other, which in their own strange way are terms of endearment at Number 38!

      Haha, So, is Bill his nickname, his middle name, his internet name or just some random name you've decided to call him? xx

  5. Our son - now 34 - used to sign cards " from your son and heir"!
    I'm very glad Christmas presents for teachers just wasn't done back in the days when our lot were at school. Must have saved me a fortune! ( mean mummy!)

    1. That's exactly how Mark used to sign his cards before we became a couple. It was true though as he's an only child. Just think he liked to reiterate his standing in the family lol.

      No, not mean at all. None of them expect it but I like to do it. On the whole they do a fantastic job. They're more token gifts these days though as so many teachers and assistants are involved but having worked in a school I know how much effort they all put in and the extra mile a lot of them go for children. Thomas has been on the receving end of a lot of help so it's just a small acknowledgement. xx