Saturday, 19 December 2015

Gingerbread House and Donkeys

We made the gingerbread house this morning. It's the first time I've done one and I went for the easy option of buying one from Lidl a few weeks ago. This is what we got. 
I had my string all ready to hold it together like Sadie had suggested but the gingerbread was fairly soft so the cocktail sticks they recommended using worked fine. You can't see him but Mark was in the background giving Amy technical advice on how to assemble it!
Then Amy iced in all the joints. It looks quite professional doesn't it.
Of course, you can't have a 10 year old boy in the house without him wanting to have a go and he did a pretty good job of blobbing icing around the edge, (which I smoothed out after he'd gone).
It just needs to set then it can be decorated.
We went to the garden centre this afternoon with Mum for coffee and cake and a look at the grotto. Thomas didn't want to visit Santa so I took a photo of him with one of the display ones.
Then him and Mum wandered off together and came across these beauties all the way from Blackpool
He might be too old to sit on Santa's knee but he decided he wasn't too old to sit on a donkey and have a ride.
Mark was in the cafe while all this was going on ordering our cakes and drinks. "A scone will be fine for me and Mum" I said to him. This is what was waiting for me when I arrived. It was lovely, but I had to scrape out half the cream. 
And I bought this. It's a wind up music box and plays We Wish You A Merry Christmas as the train goes round. 
We're off out for a curry tonight. It's a last minute decision. Amy will babysit and if we're out more than a couple of hours I'd be surprised. But it's nice to have a change of scenery and although there will definitely be no cocktails on the menu I'm just as happy to settle for a decent chicken tikka. 



  1. your GB house is shaping up nicely, I'm looking forward to seeing it when finished.

    What a gorgeous day out you've had. It's sad but funny when kids decide they are suddenly too grown up to visit FC, and other stuff they used to like. A merry go round in town today was tempting, until we got closer and Violet announced it was 'for little kids'. Think a part of me died right there.

    A curry, ooh, lucky you. I have not been out for a curry for over 15 years now. Bill is not a fan, so I don't even bother to suggest it. Enjoy some mushroom bahjii for me.


    p.s William is one of Bill's middle names, I think it partly comes from there. When he was a kid the family dog was called Ben, his parents called them Bill & Ben and it's stuck. He really IS Bill. I like to call him Iain sometimes just to irritate him though! ha ha. x

    1. It was a lovely day and the donkeys were an added bonus. I know what you mean about them deciding things are too babyish. The queue for Santa was full of little ones, Thomas took one look and said no, but I think deep down he wanted to. He was the only one at the donkeys when Mum took him which is probably why he did it. As he was coming back there were 3 or 4 under 5's getting on them. If they'd been there already I don't think he'd have done that either. It's all about street cred isn't it haha.

      The curry was lovely. I have the same every time, onion bhaji, chicken tikka, mushroom pilau, peshwari nan. I'm definitely a creature of habit.

      Haha, I used to love Bill and Ben and can see how that name has stuck. Mark's aunty is called Jean Elizabeth but doesn't like being called Jean so has always been called Betty. Which is fine, but what I don't get is she called one of her daughters Jean!

      Weather permitting we're off to the Christmas Markets in Manchester this afternoon. Enjoy your day. xx

  2. am an idiot and just deleted your comment. urgh. cak handed twit that I am. So sorry :O(x

  3. Haha, I've nearly done that a few times myself. I've managed to delete a couple of posts I've written as well which is really annoying. xx

  4. Aww Little Dinkey, little donkey! I love the photo of Thomas and FC with his thumbs up. That cake looks too good to eat ( not!! - I'd have scoffed the lot! )

    1. Well it was a little dinkey donkey! Thumbs up is a cool look and having your picture taken with a false Father Christmas is acceptable, so his street cred is still intact lol. The cake was lovely, really light but very heavy on the cream. I gave it my best shot though :) xx