Sunday, 20 December 2015

GB House and a Very Nearly Lost Purse

Amy has decorated the gingerbread house. After doing it the conversation went like this:

Amy: Mmmm it's not quite how I envisioned it in my head
Thomas: That looks ugly
Amy: You're ugly
Thomas: You're adopted
Amy: (eating the chimney) Ewww it tastes like ear wax
Thomas: Ewww, how do you know what ear wax tastes like
Amy: No, I mean it tastes like the smell of ear wax
Thomas: Ewww
Amy: (having eaten the chimney and part of the roof even though it tastes like the smell of ear wax!) It's OK but I couldn't eat it all in one go
Me: You're not supposed to you fool
With the weather on our side, we took a trip into Manchester to have a look around the Christmas markets. 

I can't honestly say it's an enjoyable experience. It's crowded and all you can do is shuffle around in single file which hardly makes it a family experience.

But the stalls look lovely all lit up with their Christmas lights and the aromas from the food stalls are mouth watering, plus they do sell some beautiful things, if you can get close enough to buy any. 

We like to go down though and have a wander around. No chance of any photos I'm afraid. Stopping to take a picture is nigh on impossible. You're on the treadmill of moving forward and stopping would cause chaos!

It was very nearly a mishap of a trip. I popped into Waterstones for a couple of stocking fillers and in between paying, being handed the goods, trying to get my carrier bag out of my handbag, taking the receipt and the change, I got to the shop door only to realise I'd left my purse on the counter. 

I think somebody was looking down on me because when I got back there it was still where I'd left it, on top of a pile of books, opened up with all my cash and credit cards on view for all the world to see. The queue of customers was massive so it's not as though nobody was around.

There was a big sigh of relief from me and a mental note to be more aware of what I'm doing. The loss of cash would have been bad enough but having to come home and start cancelling credit cards would have really annoyed me.

Anyway, it all ended well, so instead of dwelling on the 'what if' I've poured myself a glass of celebratory champagne and given my guardian angel a grateful thank you that I've still got my purse, cash and cards. 



  1. The little house looks great (actually, I didn't know you were supposed to eat them; I've always assumed they were just for decorative purposes). Well done you for braving the market. I get claustrophobic and would have had the heebie jeebies. Good to hear a lost purse scenario was averted.

    1. Well I think it's edible! No, it is and it's not too bad taste wise but I think it'll definitely hang around being a decoration for a long time haha. Picking the sweets and icing off will be the best bit. xx

  2. oh thank God you didn't lose your purse. That horrible hear stopping moment when you can't find it. Hate that. I'm glad no one had swiped it.

    The gb house turned out well, didn't it? Looks so pretty.

    The festive market doesn't sound fun. It's horrible when you can't actually get to move or look at things. Last year I went to the Christmas shop in Liberty in December, which was pointless. Couldn't move, get to anything, stop to look at stuff. It was awful. Your experience today sounds exactly the same.

    Feet up with champs, sounds perfect. My MIL presented me with a bottle of Lanson today, am trying to save it for Christmas Eve, but can't guarantee it'll last until then!
    :O) x

    1. I know. It's a horrible sinking feeling. I hate losing anything, I'd rather give it away. I was very lucky it wasn't pinched, Waterstones was packed.

      Thomas made me laugh by just matter of factly announcing it looked ugly which set the whole conversation off.

      The market would have been OK if we'd all gone our separate ways lol, but watching out for each other and trying not to get separated was a pain and not much fun at all. At least it wasn't raining.

      What a lovely M-I-L turning up with champers for you, you lucky thing. I'm not encouraging you one way or the other, but I've enjoyed my Moet over the weekend :) xx

  3. Did you two champagne quaffing gals see that BBC eat well for less? Have you tried the Aldi stuff? I can't stand champagne! I think it's rank!! I'm so glad your purse was there. X

    1. Morning Rachel, did you really post at 05.33 on the first day of your hols or is the clock wrong?!

      I'm a Lidl girl so don't shop at Aldi, but Lidl get good reviews for their wine and spirits so if they do champagne it's probably fine. I'm not a champers snob so I'd give it a go but it's not a regular drink of mine so I don't buy it. It's just a very very nice treat if somebody buys it for me.

      I've seen the Greg Wallace Eat Well For Less programme in the past but I thought it was rubbish so stopped watching it. Any family of 4 who's spending over £200 a week on food is mad (the children were young as well, not teenagers with empty legs), so their job of saving them money wasn't such a hard one really. And when they managed to reduce the family's bill by around £40 I thought they should have been sacked lol. They could easily have knocked 50% off the shop.

      I can't believe the purse was still there. How lucky was that. There was about £50 in it which would have been bad enough but it's the trouble of cancelling the cards, ordering a new driving licence etc which would have annoyed me. xx

    2. Bloody typical first day off and PING wide awake at 4.17am!!
      Most tv shows like that bug me these days - I'm turning into a right grumpy old woman!!

    3. No, not grumpy, just not gullible. I think shows are just set up now which doesn't make for good viewing. can only hope the majority of the public really aren't as stupid as the media think we are. xx

  4. Purse thing = Phew
    Market thing=NO
    Conversation = Brother and sister at their best!

    1. Yes, you pretty much summed it up there Sue. The 'you're adopted' response made me laugh. We used to say that to each other when we were kids lol. xx

  5. We were in Costco a couple of weeks ago. We always take a shopping cart and I put my purse (handbag) in the front part. We usually split up, I go to the books and LH goes to the electronics. He likes to take the cart because it's easier on his back. I met up with him in one of the aisles and said Where is my purse? It wasn't in the cart. Talk about going through feeling like you're going to throw up, absolute panic and heart palpitations all in the space of 2 seconds!! It turns out he head stopped and had a food 'sample' and turned around and went on his merry way with a different cart! After some mad dashing around we found the cart, with my purse, thank God, exactly where he had left it, back at the food samples! Now I'm constantly saying watch my purse, watch my purse.

    1. It's an awful feeling isn't it. Just thinking that someone had my name, bank details and a photo of me on my driving licence made me feel sick. It must be awful for people who've been burgled.

      You were definitely lucky finding your trolley and purse, although I'm laughing (just a teeny bit) at what your husband did. If he's anything like Mark when food is around all other thoughts leave his head!

      Are you all set for the Christmas holidays? xx