Sunday, 6 December 2015

Family Weekend

We're back from Cheltenham. This weekend away was very much family focused so we didn't do any sights or anything touristy as we were too busy catching up with everybody.

One of the main reasons for going was to see my niece's new baby and here he is. Roman Kai aged 11 days. All babies are gorgeous aren't they. It was lovely to see everybody, we probably only visit once or twice a year, so it's extra special when we do go down. And there's a lot of 'everybody' to see these days. One sister, one brother, one sis-in-law, one brother-in-law, 4 nieces, 1 nephew, 1 step-niece, 1 step-nephew, 3 great nephews and one great niece. Phew!
Just across from where we stayed there was a retail park with a Hobbycraft, so with half an hour to spare on Saturday we popped across and I bought myself this little cross stitch.
It was only £1.50 and after getting home, unpacking, throwing a load of washing in, collecting the dogs from kennels and rustling up something to eat I sat down and set to. I've not done a cross stitch for about 20 years and I'm finding it really enjoyable.
Thomas is off to Robinwood tomorrow so I've got to go and pack for him soon. He's really excited about going, hope he'll be OK.

I've nothing on at all this week so I'm hoping to crack on with present wrapping and card writing tomorrow. 

Feeling very sorry for all the people affected by the floods this weekend. Cheltenham isn't too far from Tewkesbury which always seems to flood quite badly as well when there's heavy rain. My brother lived here a few years ago and after a particularly bad flood was without water for 10 days. This is a quick photo taken on our journey back home today.
I know I've said this before but as much as I love going away, I love coming home even more. 

Hope you are all safe, warm and dry and ready for the week ahead. 



  1. Handy little cross stitch - just right for cards, I used to tackle big cross stitch but now stick to small ones. I seem to have less enthusiasm for cross stitch than years ago

    1. I did a couple of big ones years ago but I like projects that are quicker and easier these days. I think I'll have to wear my specs tomorrow when I do some more. I've found it hard to see even with all the lights on and my eyes are aching now. I sound about 100! xx

  2. there is no place like home. Well done on the cross stitch. That's something I can't get on with. I do tapestry, and find it so much easier. When I try the X's I just end up in such a muddle, I don't have patience for it!

    Aw, little baby Roman, so cute. I hope Thomas has fun. He'll soon be back again, and then you can stop worrying (because if you are anything like me, I bet you are!). x

    1. I've done tapestry as well but my preference is definitely cross stitch. Roman was very cute and Great Aunt Suzanne decreed he needed lots of cuddles from her. He'll probably be crawling next time I see him.

      Thomas was so excited this morning. I'm sure he'll have a great time. I've not really been too bothered all day but now that it's getting to bedtime I'm worrying a little bit. Bedtime/Dark is something we are still working on. I'm hoping that as he's in a dorm with a few boys he'll be OK. Fingers crossed. xx

  3. What an adorable baby. I'm like you, I just love coming home xx

    1. He's a cutie isn't he. But then I find all babies lovely. Who was it that said, East, West, Home is Best? They were certainly right. xx