Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve

We all went to see Joan this morning and took her presents and cards with us. She is in fine fettle and was thrilled to see Amy and Thomas. 
Back home, I put the radio on and listened to Christmas songs while I made mince pies, which would win no prizes for beauty, but actually taste really nice. 
And I iced the Christmas cake. I could use much more elegant decorations, but I've had these for years and the cake just wouldn't seem the same without the little plastic figures and gigantic robins stuck on top.
And here's my messy kitchen. I was fast running out of work space but it's all clear and tidy now, ready for the next onslaught of Christmas lunch.
Mum came about 4pm and that's when the fun and games started. These are the wishing wells everybody made. They got 2 minutes to do it in and panic set in pretty much straight away.

Mum and Thomas didn't get very far at all and just made a mess! No idea why Mum's hands are covered in vanilla frosting when she had a knife to use.
Amy took it nice and steady but didn't finish in time.
And although Mark broke his roof, several times, I think he has to be declared the winner.
Stockings are hung up ready and waiting, but the mince pie, milk and carrot for Father Christmas and Rudolph will be put out just before Thomas goes to bed. 
And then the rest of the stuff will get done depending on what time he goes to sleep. I can guarantee no matter how late that is , he'll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

Hope you've all had a lovely day and are now sat down, like me, with a cup or glass of something you fancy. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from 
Everybody at Number 38.



  1. aw, so lovely and festive at yours. Your mums icing laden hands cracked me up!

    Meant to make mince pies yesterday but didn't do it. Am planning on giving it a whirl on Boxing Day instead, I think I'll have time to do it then.

    Christmas Eve has been lovely, apart from seeing a bit of fisticuffs in town today. Stupid idiot people.

    Have a lovely lovely Christmas xx

    1. She's usually so particular about how she does things, I've no idea why she's covered in the stuff haha. I read about the scuffle in town. Some people are beyond understanding aren't they. Did Violet enjoy opening all her presents? Hope you all had a lovely day. xx

  2. Love the fun and games! We are gearing up to go to the candlelit Carol song at 11pm then midnight mass. Then home to sneak the presents under the tree!! Then fed to try to get to sleep! The chocolate baileys will help there!! Have a great day tomorrow. Christmas love to you all xxx

    1. I've only ever been to one midnight mass, probably about 20 years ago and it was lovely. It's something I would definitely do again when Amy and Thomas are older and don't need me here on Christmas Eve. I got a bottle of Baileys from Mum. So my nightly tipple can continue well into the New Year, yipee! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day. xx

  3. I found your blog several months ago, and I look forward to each new post! I love the love you have for your family! And I am motivated by your drive!! I don't know how you do all that you do! :-) Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!! And an amazing 2016! :-)

    1. Hi Lily and welcome to Number 38. I'm glad you enjoy the blog, it's just our everyday life which sometimes drives me up the wall, but mostly I love it. When I've decided to do something I pretty much just get on with; what the blog doesn't show is me procrastinating about things that need doing for days on end haha. Please drop by again, I love it when new people leave a comment. Hope you've had a lovely Christmas. xx