Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cards: Birthday and Christmas

I wrote the Christmas cards today. I don't write half as many as I used to and my list this year consisted of:
2 special ones for the Mums
5 for family on my side
7 for family on Mark's side
4 friends of mine 
6 neighbours 
1 vicar
5 family cards taken to Cheltenham 
Total cards written: 30  Total cards posted: 6
Even Amy and Thomas don't write endless cards any more. They have their special friends who they send them to, although if they receive unexpected ones they always send one back.

It was Ken's birthday today so we took his card over and spent an hour with him and Aunty Edith. On the way we popped into Morrisons for a couple of bits and I picked up these little jams for our Christmas Day breakfast. 

Usually we just have a bacon butty and an early lunch as Tom, Joan, Aunty Edith and Ken would come for tea which is always a full blown affair. This year Aunty and Ken are coming on Boxing Day instead which means I can make more of breakfast and have a later lunch, my personal preference. I'm going to do cereal, croissants, danish pastries, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and bacon. That should keep us going nicely.
I also picked up this for Aunty Edith. She loves this sort of thing and it went straight onto her sideboard.

I did a pile of ironing when I got home, swept all the floors, hoovered, changed 2 lots of bedding and cooked a lazy but favourite tea for Mark and Amy of southern fried chicken burgers. My rewards for these tedious tasks?

Me Time! Which meant:
New book.
And a soak in the bath savouring my last chocolate.

Thomas is home tomorrow so it's back to the 3pm school run. Can't say I've missed having to do it to be honest. The days have seemed much longer without being interrupted mid-afternoon. 

I have missed my boy though and can't wait to see him and hear all about what he's been up to.



  1. your Christmas Day plan sounds glorious. I love breakfast, and I love a late lunch. Hmm. Perhaps I could just come and join you, leave Bill and Violet to building Lego and eating crisps? Last year I didn't get out of bed until late, I'm talking 11+, then I sort of starting thinking about food after a few glasses of champs, I think we ate around 4. Quite fab!

    Yey, so Thomas will be home soon. Hurrah! Even though you've enjoyed school run free time, I know you'll be happy to have your little boy back home again :O) x

    1. Oooh getting up late and champagne sounds very decadent, lucky you. Does Violet not jump on you at 4.30am then asking if Santa has been. Sometimes it's hardly worth going to bed here at Number 38 haha.

      He's back and he's had a fantastic time. Doesn't even seem worn out by it all although from what he's said it's been pretty non-stop for them. He would definitely go again if he got the chance, so that must mean he enjoyed it. It's good to have him home though. Number 38 feels complete again. xx

  2. Oooo those little jam pots make you feel quite decadent don't they! I bet Thomas has had a brilliant time X

    1. I used to shop at Morrisons years ago and I bought them one year, probably when Amy was about 8. Then I stopped going there but she's asked for them for Christmas morning ever since. No way am I queuing up for 6 little jars of jam in December though, not even for her! We needed a few things yesterday so decided to go to Morrisons near Aunty's, which is why I've bought them. Goodness, I've sent myself to sleep with that reply.

      Thomas is home. You were right. He's had a fantastic time :) xx

  3. I posted my cards today. I don't send anywhere near as many as I used to. I'm pleased you were able to relax after doing all your housework. No doubt there will be plenty of washing when your boy gets back. I hope he's had a brilliant time. X

    1. He's had a great time and done loads of exciting things from the sound of it, including drinking a cup of hot chocolate! I think everybody is cutting down on sending cards. I've not received half as many as I usually do so far. xx

    2. Send me your addresses and I'll send you a card!

    3. Aww bless you. But forget the card, come visit and bring your chocolate Baileys :) xx

  4. I still have cards to write! I must get them done, and posted.
    Bet the noise level has gone up in your house with Thomas back!

    1. I quite enjoy writing cards, but I like to do them in one go rather than in dribs and drabs and then get them posted straight away.

      We noticed the noise level more at the table tonight when we were all eating. The past 2 nights have been very quiet, but tonight was much more lively. He was only in 30 minutes before the PJ's were on and he's on his beloved Xbox now. xx

  5. So glad to hear Thomas enjoyed himself. My card sending is down to about 30 cards now, which is about half what we used to send years ago. Finished decorating the tree today. Always glad to get that job done.

    1. Hi Janice. He had a great time. There was a bit of a wobble the first night when the lights went out but he told his group leader he didn't like the dark and she turned a night light on for him. He loved all his instructors and from the sounds of it they are definitely switched on to dealing with homesick children.

      One of the better things about Christmas cards is these days I don't have to sit with Thomas and Amy encouraging them to write 30 each to their class mates. I'm down to about half of what I used to send as well.

      I'm getting the tree out tomorrow, setting it up, sorting through the decs and then when Amy and Thomas come in it's theirs to decorate how they wish. Looking forward to getting it up now. We're much later than usual this year. xx