Sunday, 22 November 2015

Twixmas Break

I did a full English for breakfast again this morning which I've done for the last 3 or 4 weeks instead of a Sunday lunch. I've decided that as there are only 4 more Sundays until Christmas there'll be no more Sunday roasts at Number 38 so we'll definitely be ready for turkey and all the trimmings when the day arrives.

We've booked a couple of nights away between Christmas and New Year. We're off to Betws Y Coed for a couple of nights in Snowdonia. We've been before, actually it was in 2004 the day after the Boxing Day Tsunami. Good grief that's 11 years ago! It's a beautiful place and I'm really looking forward to re-visiting it, this time with Thomas in tow. 

We keep talking about a holiday home but although I like routine in my life I'm not sure I want to be tied to the same place for weekends away. I much prefer visiting different places and I have to confess staying put and seeing more of the UK appeals to me very much at the moment with what's going on in the world. 

It's been a very quiet day here again today. Nothing much has happened and the only photo worth taking is of the pizza and salads I did for tea. And I've only put this on because I do like a photo or two to add a bit of colour to the blurb. 

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend. 

*Twixmas -  The term comes from the old English phrase ‘Betwix’– meaning the middle position. Traditionally 'Twixmas' starts on 27th December and continues right through until New Year. 



  1. Ooo you just gave me my new favourite word! Twixmas ( though I did envisage chocolate covered caramel atop a biscuit!! ) betwixt is a word I use a lot!

  2. I think it's one of those commercial words used to make you part with yet more money in between Christmas and New Year. There are lots of Twixmas breaks in hotels! It's obviously worked, as we've booked one! We don't do anything at New Year though so that makes it OK, well that's what I've told myself :) xx

  3. I thought this was going to be a post about eating Twix for Christmas! Not a word I'd heard of before, I have to admit.

    yum to the pizza. could do with a slice of that right now. Couldn't be faffed to make any lunch so I've eaten some leftover sushi and a cake bought from Costa on Friday. Pizza would have been better!

    1. Haha, not a twix in sight I'm afraid. But the more we talk about them the more I want one. I know what you mean about not being bothered to make a Sunday lunch. Sometimes it feels as though it interrupts the day. I've declared Sunday's roast dinner free from now until Christmas. I don't think anybody is bothered, we all like a good fry up just as much. Trouble is having it mid-morning means we're all looking for something to eat mid afternoon. I think next week I'll make a cake to keep the hunger pangs at bay then find something easy to shove in the oven for supper. I've never tried sushi, not sure it's my thing. Silly question probably, but is raw fish in everything xx

    2. no, not everything. If you buy the little packs from supermarkets then the tuna and prawns are cooked, only the salmon is raw. It's nicer than it sounds, and surprisingly filling. Violet loves it, I'm always buying it for her.

      fry up and cake sounds just totally perfect. My kind of day! :O)

    3. I always think it looks nice but its the thought of eating raw fish that puts me off. If its not all raw though I may give it a go. xx