Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Fort and Baby has finally got a name

Sunday started with a cooked breakfast again.
And an uninvited guest. She shared a sausage with Sparky so no feeling too sorry for her, she has those sad doggy eyes down to perfection. Notice the jackets on the chairs again!
Then me and Amy left the boys to it and went to The Fort to do some shopping. She chose some boots and a new top for Christmas and bought some presents for friends at school.
Then she stocked up on lip liner, lipstick, concealer, body spray and shampoo. I bought a 99p pack of nail files - last of the big spenders I am. I also picked this up for my brother's step-daughter. We don't do Christmas gifts so this is more of a "just because we're visiting" rather than an official Christmas present if you know what I mean.
And the baby has a name. Wait for it..... Roman Kai. As my niece says it's an acquired taste but they like it and that's the main thing. Mum made me laugh though, she came over all Granny and said "I don't know, whatever next".

Baileys on ice seems to be the way I end most days at the moment. And very nice it is too.



  1. The name Roman is lovely. I really like it. Had Violet been a boy she would have been Stanley. I like names that are a little unexpected :O)

    Ooh, your breakfast looks good. We just had toast but I did cook roast beef as a late lunch/early tea situation today.
    Dogs & cats. Experts at getting sympathy and food. Dud had a glut of beef earlier on, right now you'd think he'd been starved for a week the way he's kicking off for his tea. So the sad doggy eyes in the photo don't wash here, I know what the rotters are like!

    you are doing well with your shopping. Actually, not doing too badly myself, I'm going to be all super organised and get some wrapping done later on this week. (smug!).

    have a lovely evening. Keep cosy and warm. The weather has gone berserk! x

    1. There's not one name where I would go Urgh don't like that but there are lots that I wouldn't choose myself. I wanted Amy to be Lily but Mark really didn't like it. I don't know why. I love flower names. Amy is Amy Rose. Thomas was always going to be Thomas, the name features very heavily on Mark's side of the family, so I chose Zachary as his middle name.

      Wendy is so greedy and is always around us begging for food. It's annoying because unless you're at the table you can't eat anything in peace. Sparky on the other hand doesn't bother us at all.

      Yes, shopping is coming along nicely. Going to write Christmas cards for my brother and sister and their families this week so we can take them with us at weekend.

      Weather is horrible here as well. Heavy rain and the fences are rattling. Glad I'm inside xx

  2. I have still yet to buy one present yet!!

    1. Don't panic Mr Mannering, there's plenty of time left yet. And half the battle is knowing what you're going to buy. That's the worst bit for me but once I've got that sorted out I always feel like it's a walk in the park. I don't have many people to buy for really especially as the nieces and nephews have got older as we just give money or gift cards. xx

  3. Or my annual bottle of baileys ( or Aldis! )

    1. Now you do need to panic! Go get that Baileys tomorrow! xx