Thursday, 26 November 2015


I made time for a bit of sewing today and did my first cushion cover. The envelope type is so easy, even for me. No zips, no buttons, just sew and go.
I love the little nutcracker soldiers. They remind me of watching Barbie Nutcracker with Amy when she was little. 
The front of the second one is also done. I just need some plain red material for the back.
And the third is cut out, pinned and ready to be sewn.
Treat of the week - a bag of Pontefract Cakes which I've been eating my way through. Not many left now. 
The white chrysanths from last week are still going strong so I just added pink roses for a splash of colour. 
Dancing tonight. Hoping to learn how to move around the floor instead of just going backwards and forwards. 



  1. lovely. and no zips! perfect!
    hope the dancing goes well :O) x

    1. They are so easy to make, if you were that way inclined you could have different covers knocked up every week.

      Dancing mmm. Well we can move around in a fashion with the waltz and we learned the first basic step of the cha cha cha. This was the dance where we plodded. There's not much wiggle in either mine or Mark's hips anymore lol. It didn't help that we couldn't stop laughing. I expect well be banned soon. xx

  2. Great idea for the cushion covers. Here's hoping you enjoyed the dance class again. Video evidence could be required. :-) x

  3. The covers are really easy to do. It would only take an hour to have a set whipped up. We did enjoy the dancing, not because we were any good though, but we did have a laugh. Not sure about video evidence just yet, maybe in a few years! xx

  4. Gorgeous cushions. I might look for some material myself when I'm out and about X Did you get my email t'other months about the unpublished comment you sent me that I passed on? X

    1. Think I'll look for some material in the New Year as well. We could do with some cushions to add a bit of colour to our room. I did get your e-mail, thank you. Will leave a comment later on your blog as Mark has done a mass deletion and you've been sent to the black hole and disappeared from the inbox! xx