Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Looking through my pile of books last night  I realised that I was down to my last one. Luckily for me it was Bury today so I was able to re-stock.
Sue over at 'our quiet life in suffolk' posted a picture of her apple tree yesterday which had me hankering after a homemade apple pie. I bought 3 bramley's from the market which cost £2.18. It seemed expensive to me but I don't often buy cooking apples so I'm not really sure. I didn't get around to making a pie, but it's on the agenda for tomorrow. 
We've noticed a couple of patches of cracked paint at Number 14. It's in the dining room that was re-plastered and for some reason there are 2 small areas that have done this. I rang the decorator and he's coming back tomorrow to look at it. Apparently he's seen it happen before and I'm not to worry. So I won't. 
And finally, we might have all worn our tributes and shown our respect in different ways today, but like most of the country, all at Number 38 remembered.



  1. Thank you for the mention.I can't believe the price of those apples, we were selling them in bags of about 4lb for £1!
    I shall really miss my trees when we move

    1. Sue, I could 'see' your bags of apples for £1 when I paid for these so was a bit taken aback when he charged what he did. These 3 weigh just under 2lb so I got half the amount for twice the price of yours. I actually find Bury market quite expensive and don't usually buy anything there. If Lidl have any in tomorrow I'll be doing a price comparison. I'd make the most of your trees while you can :) xx

  2. yep, the apples seem a bit pricey to me too! But then, every time I look at Bramlely's in Waitrose I think 'coo, bit steep', so I know nothing.

    Love the look of the Gingerbread Café book, let me know if it's any good. it appeals to me for the name alone!

    My granddad loved the war. I know that sounds stupid, but he did. He died of cancer in his 60's, I think had he had the choice he'd have gone during the war. They were without doubt his happiest years. So I always think of him at this time of year, but I didn't actually buy a poppy until today, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it.

    1. My grandad seemed to enjoy his war years as well, not the fighting but the social side and camaraderie of it all. I think he did boxing and hockey in between whatever he was in Africa actually doing ( I know he was a dispatch rider, but he never talked about it) and he loved a drink. He once got hauled in front of his sergeant because he'd not written home for months and my nanna, fearing the worst but having heard nothing, had to write to find out if he was OK lol.

      I wouldn't feel embarrassed about the poppy. You bought one and you remembered and that's the main thing. xx