Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paddington and Pie

Look what I found in Lidl. Nobody really wanted to go and see it at the cinema but I know everybody will watch it at home. At £6.99 it cost less than the price of one ticket which makes for a pretty cheap film night.
Amy went for her college interview tonight at Manchester. By the time she'd finished and we've fought our way home through rush hour traffic it was too late to go dancing. So we took Mum home and had an hour with her instead. I'm not giving up though. Third time lucky and all that. Honestly, we don't ever do anything in the evenings but it's typical that when we, (and I use the term 'we' loosely),want to go out something always crops up. 

I baked the apple pie today. The 3 apples made one pie with some left over which I'll add to yoghurt or porridge. You'd get 6 good pieces out of this so even though I think the apples were expensive, when you tot up all the ingredients a piece of home made apple pie probably comes in at around 45p per portion which isn't bad. 
Things are nearly there at Number 14. We have blinds up at all the windows and the gas safety certificate has been issued. All that's left to do now is the carpets and tiling in the kitchen. Then a quick clean around and it's good to go. 

And just because I feel like saying it...... only 6 weeks til Christmas. 



  1. I think Bill and Violet saw that at the cinema. Bill liked it more than Violet!
    oooh, that pie though. Bet it was good wasn't it? Looks really nice.
    Shame you couldn't go dancing yet, but I'm sure you will this coming week. I hope so anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Hope you had a good day shopping! xx

    1. We saw the trailer at the cinema and me and Mark were laughing away, turned to the kids and said shall we go and see that. Their response was a non-committal shrug lol.

      The pie was very nice, even if I do say so myself, but I'm suffering for eating it as I knew I would. The pastry has given me terrible heartburn so I've been on the rennies today.

      Shopping was good, I bought a few Christmas things. Don't suppose you've got a tutorial for making a traditional Advent Calendar have you :) xx

    2. hmm. well. not in the totally trad sense. I made a cute little felt advent calendar for Violet when she was little though, and you can easily adapt it for kids of any age.

      copy & paste this link, scroll down the post for the calendar.

      If I were to make it now I'd make the pockets a little bigger, but other than that, it worked a treat and was easy to do. Hope this gives you some ideas!
      :O) x

    3. What a lovely advent calendar. I love all the little embellishments as well. Amy and Thomas always have a chocolate advent calendar but I don't like the ones that have nothing to do with Christmas, I don't see the point of them, so I try to get ones with Father Christmas on but this year I can't find any. Was wondering if I could conjure something up myself, but in all honesty I probably won't have time. I'll have to keep looking. I really don't want Star Wars or Hello Kitty etc up for a month. xx