Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New Arrival and Ready to sew

I must have had sixth sense when I was buying the dungaree set yesterday because my niece went into labour and baby was born just before 11pm last night. As of me posting this, he still has no name. Anyway, she went into hospital, had him and was home again all within 6 hours. Coincidentally he shares the same birthday with his cousin (her sisters little boy), who was 5 yesterday. 

I'm getting on with my Christmas shopping. Amy has given me a list which comprises of a nightshirt, smellies, Lush bathbombs, make-up, books and combat boots. Everything on the list with be a 'surprise' apart from the boots which she'll have to choose and try on. Then they'll get sent to Father Christmas:) Nightshirts aren't very easy to come across but I found this one in BHS which she'll like as she's into checks at the moment, plus a make-up set.
It's ages since I've done any sewing and I had the urge to make some Christmas cushion covers, just to add a bit of colour to the room. I bought the material off the market and I'll be making envelope covers which are easy enough to do.
Thomas brought home a shoebox from school for the Rotary Club and I bought a few bits to go in it while I was in Bury. As well as doing the box we donate to the Salvation Army and either do a food or toy drop off to a local charity. I thank my lucky stars every year that we're in a position to be able to do this.
When the tenants said they wanted to drop some stuff off yesterday I imagined a few boxes of pots and pans. I went up last night and they've set the house up. The suite, dining table, lamps, ornaments, photos and wardrobes are all in place just waiting for them to officially move in. I have to say it looks lovely and they're so excited they've asked if we can bring the signing date forward to this weekend which is fine by us.

And finally, this is just for Rachel. Thomas went to lego therapy today and asked his teacher if he could bring these home so his mum could blog about them to her friend. I must admit I felt a moment of panic that he'd told the teacher what my blog was called and she was sat there scrolling through my life, but he said he didn't because he knows I don't want anybody I know to read it. Which I don't. Funny isn't it, apart from Mum I haven't told any friends or family about it and that's the way I like it. Anyway, Rachel, from Thomas with love :) 



  1. Oo oh thank you Thomas! They are almost identical to the ones I've made this week for my group! He's a thoughtful little superstar! Please buy him some of those cheap cakes he likes on my behalf!!
    I know exactly what you mean about being anonymous. There are only a handful of real life people who know me who know of my blog! And that's exactly how I likes it! Oh well, must go and put away the extra stuff that's accumulated on the chuffing ironing board!! Xx

    1. I haven't told anyone about my blog not because there's anything on it I don't particularly want them to read, I just think if friends and family knew about it I would write differently and I just want to write what I want if that makes sense.

      I did a pile of ironing today but made sure the board got put away as soon as I'd finished. Didn't fancy it becoming a dumping ground again.

      I will definitely treat Thomas to a cake from you. He couldn't wait to show me what he'd brought home for the 'lady on your blog'. xx

  2. Oh and congratulations on the new arrival

    1. I've seen a photo and he's gorgeous. But still no name. I know there's no such thing as an easy birth but I thought in, out and home again in 6 hours was pretty good going. xx

  3. aw, a new baby. They are lovely. Until they start their racket! only joking :O)
    You are doing well with your Christmas pressies, love the stuff you have found there for Amy.

    I'm really glad you have found nice tenants for No 14. You hear horror stories about tenants sometimes, it's good to hear that there are good ones. My SIL owns some houses in Norwich and lets them out to students. She's had a few little issues along the way, I don't envy her at all!

    Totally understand why you prefer to keep your blog away from family & friends. I made the mistake of telling a neighbour about my blog - well, it was hard not to really as she found me on twitter and I'm linked up to there - I'd prefer her not to know about it really. Not that I'm ashamed of anything I say or do, I am what I am, I use my real name so I'm not trying to hide, but I'm not out there blabbing about it either. If anyone I know finds the blog or my twitter page, I'm not overly bothered. Neither are private after all. But there is a big part of me that would prefer them not to!

    1. You're dead right Sadie. I look at newborns and as well as seeing cute and cuddly I see dirty nappies, 4 hourly feeds, sleepless nights and colic haha. Mind you, the age I disliked most with my two was the learning to walk/toddler stage where you're constantly bending down or running around after them. At least a baby stays where it's put.

      Your SIL is very brave letting her property out to students! Hopefully the family moving in to Number 14 will be OK. Fingers crossed.

      Same here about the blog. I know it's out there for anybody to find but there seems to be a difference between 'strangers' reading it rather than family and friends. I hope anybody reading what I post does so because it interests them in some way rather than just being nosey iykwim. Telling my nearest and dearest would feel like letting them read my diary (which is basically what it is I know), but I wouldn't willingly hand my diary to them and say 'here you go, have a flick through that'. xx