Friday, 20 November 2015

Move over Anton

Well I'm pleased to announce that after our first dancing lesson our feet are still intact, and more importantly so is our marriage. And I can rather proudly say we can now waltz albeit in a straight line backwards and forwards. How to turn and move around the dance floor comes next week. We were the first to arrive and the teacher said the class was very small but even so she was a bit surprised when nobody else turned up. She was excellent though, very patient and down to earth and we had our own private lesson. We are definitely going back next week.

It's been a bit of a nothing day today. I had to pop into Middleton and picked up a couple of things for Christmas. Two apple and cinnamon candles and 2 Christmas tree ornaments for Amy and Thomas which are filled with chocolate coins.
And just in case we forget, I also picked this up.
I'm going to have to get my brain into gear soon for Christmas. I'm even struggling to come up with ideas for stocking fillers this year. All I can think of at the moment is another Diary of a Minecraft Zombie book for Thomas and a Lush Bath bomb for Amy. I'm much more organised on the food front and will be writing up my menu over the weekend. Not that we buy much of anything different to be honest. A couple of cheeses, a starter for Christmas lunch and a home made trifle seem to be our biggest treats. 

I'm cracking on with the jigsaw. The border is done and I've got my little piles ready to work on. This is the puzzle with the picture. It remains to be seen how I'll get on with the picture-less puzzle.
I collected Thomas from school and managed to avoid one of the many downpours of the day. I don't mind a couple of rainy days, sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to cosy up inside, but I'm getting fed up of it now. Anyway, I picked up a Friday treat for him while I was shopping. The tasteless cakes he loves so much and can eat one after the other if I let him.
Amy is out again tonight, staying over at her friends. They're off to the Trafford Centre tomorrow to do some shopping. Which means I get the bathroom all to myself, so I'll be having a long soak with a new book. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. I'm glad the dancing went so well. Sounds like fun.
    The choc filled baubles are a very lovely idea. Great pic of the Cake Scoffer! aha, another jigsaw, that'll keep you busy.

    Have a lovely weekend :O) x

  2. The dancing was fun and Mark seemed as keen as me to go back next week, although he was disappointed the bar in the corner was closed. Those cakes are awful, but he loves them - no accounting for taste. This jigsaw is a lot more busy and colourful than the last one which makes it equally as hard to separate it into sections but I'm having fun. No idea how I'll get on with the next one with no picture to follow. xx

  3. I'm fed up of the weather BC IM fed up of WET PLAY!

    1. Oh I remember wet play. We were always short of dinner ladies (or whatever they're called now) so I quite often got roped into minding a class. Organised chaos at it's best. How does your school do wet play? At Amy's first school it was all pupils in the hall, DVD on, snack stall set up and a couple of teachers monitoring them, so at least some of them got a break. At Thomas' school they just all stay in their class with the TA. xx

  4. Also get you, private dancing lessons lol I'm glad it went fabulously!!

    1. I know! I don't usually like being the centre of attention but she was lovely and I'm surprised how quickly we picked it up. Mind you the tricky bits are yet to come. We''ll have to pass on the tango week through, my hips and his back aren't up to much these days. xx