Thursday, 19 November 2015

I'm in the mood for dancing...

I know I shouldn't but every so often I need a break from healthy porridge and prunes for breakfast. 
It was requested last night that could I please 'prepare' the fruit and veg that I buy so that Number 38er's can just go to the fridge and help themselves. Lazy buggers is what I thought, but as the woman of the house I have obliged. Just let one piece of pepper or melon go uneaten!
This is my kitchen bin for food recycling. I'm sure lots of you have been doing this for ages, but it's only just been decreed in Middleton. Anyway, so far this is 3 days worth of waste, although, and I say this rather smugly,there isn't actually any food in there. So far I have recycled teabags, potato peelings, pepper, melon rind, corn cobs and a couple of egg shells. The only food left over from our last 3 meals has been one sausage and the dogs got that. Even on spag bol night I always freeze the sauce that's left, so no waste there either. I don't think I'll throw much more than two bags of 'food' away every week which for a family of 4 doesn't seem too bad. 
I scrapped the star I started yesterday as it wasn't working and made these instead. Some will be for the Nativity set, some will hang on my 'branch tree'. 
We went to see Joan today and took her a cream cake. Apparently she'd been to Blackpool on a day trip on 4th November and we owed the home £30. It's the first we'd heard of it and of course there's no point asking Joan as she can't remember anything. I did try and ask 2 other ladies if they'd enjoyed the trip but they looked at me blankly as well. I can't think why they would take a group of 80+ year olds to Blackpool for a day in November especially as half of them can't really walk. Anyway, we handed the money over and made sure we got a receipt, but we'll be monitoring any future trips and requests for funds.

Right, that's it for today. We're off to our first dancing lesson soon. If ballroom isn't for us, maybe we could try their Boogie Bounce Extreme class! I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow. 



  1. boogie bounce EXTREME?! blimey, that sounds ... exhausting, to be honest.
    your stars look so pretty, you've done a good job.

    got a little craft idea brewing, which I hope to work on at the weekend. You'll know if it goes well if I blog about it!

    the prepped fruit & veg looks yummy. I'm sure it'll all get eaten.

    1. We arrived for our lesson just as Boogie Bounce Extreme was finishing. They each have a little round trampoline and dance and bounce at the same time! I'd struggle to do one or the other let alone both together. You're right, Amy grabbed a plateful of the peppers and some hummus for a snack. Dancing went well. Will be blogging later on about our first lesson. xx

  2. The stars are great but guess what song I've now got going round my head?! X

    1. Sorry about that Jules. Hope it's not driven you to distraction too much. When I used to read a bedtime story to Amy and Thomas I often sang a song to them as well (Golden Slumbers was a favourite) and that would be whirring around my head for ages while I was trying to get to sleep. xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Still need to get my major one sorted out for over the stable :) xx