Monday, 16 November 2015

House, Trips and College

The carpet has been fitted at Number 14 today and the house is looking good and feeling much more cosy now. I've posted a few pictures on the Number 14 page of the blog if anybody wants to have a look. It's nice to see how much we've done up there and I think Tom would be happy with our decision to keep the house and rent it out.
The only job left now is the tiling in the kitchen. A new window, blinds and back door have been fitted since I took this photo.
I got Mark on the branch cutting exercise today. 
Having laid them out on the counter, it looks as though the project could work quite well. Do you reckon the girth of the branches is acceptable Eternally28 :) 
We went to a meeting at school tonight about Thomas' trip away. They are going to an adventure centre for 2 nights early December. Thomas is really excited about it but I'm a little nervous to be truthful. I know he'll have a fantastic time but he has a few issues regarding sleep and food. I'm hoping he'll just get on with it as he'll be with his friends and will want to put on a brave face.

Amy had a letter today offering her a provisional place at college depending on her GCSE grades. Apart from the very brightest sparks in the box they encourage students to only do 3 A levels now, so she's gone for English Lit, History and Creative Writing.

And that's about it for today at Number 38. 



  1. Perfectly girthed!! Thomas will be absolutely fine I promise. I took a couple of Thomases with me to London. One mum I told to pack her Thomas' favourite and only filling - lemon curd and I would make his sandwiches! Teatime - he ate with everyone, all without much fuss.

    1. I'm hoping it might be a turning point for him especially with his food. He'd quite happily not eat anything at a friends house for tea but 3 days without food is a different matter. I have put on the form though, just give him a tuna sandwich or a piece of toast and he'll be fine. It's texture he struggles with more than anything. xx

  2. The staff will know him well and he'll be fine xx honest! What an adventure!

    1. Oh yes, they know all about his quirks! xx

  3. I'm sure Thomas will be fine, but I'd be exactly the same as you and worried. Violet is a very faddy eater, my word. she will go without food rather than have something she doesn't like. It must be the age. Sometimes I marvel that I've managed to keep her alive with all her 'won't eat' business.

    You and Rachel & your girth chat! :O)

    Oh, and not liking John Lewis ad? Creepy man peeping through telescope at a little girl, in a very non seasonal setting?! Totally with you. Very disappointing. And can't believe they don't see it the way I do. Not lonely old man, just a slightly dodgy one! Ick.

    Got to go. Trying to do some decluttering today but have let self get distracted. :O) x

    1. Yes, Thomas would rather go without as well. But I know how he feels. There's no way I'd eat a sausage for example because of the texture of the meat.

      Haha, I've got my girth sorted out just waiting for Rachel's other half to show his efforts off now!

      I didn't really think about the peering into a bedroom side of things on the JL ad, I just find it boring. There's nothing very likeable about the old man though and he looks a bit weird to me. Yes, the Aldi advert is the "favourite things" one. I laugh every time the snowman's carrot nose falls off his face. I'm easily pleased these days. xx