Friday, 27 November 2015

Dancing Week 2 - Move over baby hippos!

So, dancing, lesson 2. Well there were 5 more people there last night. One couple, 2 friends and a lady who got to partner up with the teacher. If marks were being given out we'd definitely be bottom of the class. It's not so much the dance steps, it's the fact that we're not very light on our feet and we seemed to just plod through the whole session like baby hippos. We did learn to turn and move around the floor when we waltzed and also did a basic cha cha cha step. Marks' feet were a problem though. He's size 11 and they managed to tread on my dainty little 5's a few times last night. But we shall persevere, not least because the worse we were the more we laughed. And laughter is good even if the dancing isn't. 

I sewed the front of cushion 3 today and they should all have been finished by now. I ordered  a cheap pair of red pillowcases from Argos for the backing but when I went to collect them the queue was nearly at the door. Maybe it was something to do with Black Friday? I'll re-order tonight and collect them tomorrow instead.  
The tiling in the kitchen is done and the tenants move in tomorrow. It's been a day of sorting out keys and adding final bits to the tenancy agreement.
A final mop of the floor and that was it. Number 14 is finished!
More bits for the shoebox appeal. It's surprising when you remove the packaging what you can fit into a shoebox. I want to get this back to school early next week so that will be another thing off my list.
I've bought a twinkly star for the top of my branch tree. I'll be decorating this on Tuesday, the first day of December! How on earth have we got to Christmas again so quickly?
We went to Mums tonight. Dancing and a shopping day with Amy tomorrow means our visiting is a bit all over the place at the moment. The bottle of wine we take with us stays consistent though. 

Another weekend ahead of us already. I'm trying to be mindful of everything I'm doing but in all honestly the last few weeks I seem to have just lurched from one thing to another - yet again. It's not a feeling I enjoy and it leaves me feeling out of control. 

I've put the whole day aside for Amy tomorrow though so rather than rushing around trying to fit loads in, it'll just be some leisurely shopping and lunch which I'm looking forward to. And I've decided I'm not taking a list of my own, instead I'm just going to go with her flow and enjoy being with her.

Have a great weekend - again! 



  1. Lovely star - I'm laid in bed at the minute listening to the squally weather outside wondering if indeed me and the HG will be venturing out. From the sound of the wind coming down the chimney I'm thinking I'd much rather stay where I am!! I do want to go looking for some sticks though for the stick tree I want! I laughed at the though of you be trampled upon by your hubby on the dance floor!! You'll be better next week!! Have a lovely day with Amy. Number 14 looks gorgeous.

    1. I'm not so sure we will be any better to be honest but we did have a laugh. I tell you what though, our legs were aching when we'd finished the lesson as well as my toes!

      I've just had to drag myself out of bed to let the barking dogs out, only for them to sit there looking at me refusing to budge when I opened the door. Sat here now with a brew in my dressing gown, but will have to get a wriggle on soon for the shopping expendition.

      Why not send the hairy hunter out for the sticks while you stay snuggled up. Just give him the girth dimensions and he'll be fine lol. Have a lovely weekend. xx

    2. I've been on the hunt for cushion panels thanks to you...alas to no avail! I did get something I can cut down and use and will show you tmrw. Too dark to take photos now X

    3. Can't wait to see what you've made. I do like to see other peoples projects. I wasn't looking for panels, didn't know such a thing existed tbh, but the bloke on the market pulled them out from underneath a load of other material. I think he saw somebody who didn't really know what they were asking for and decided he'd palm them off on me. Not at a reduced price though I might add. I do find that market expensive, but sometimes I have no patience to wait for things in the post. Did you find any twigs? xx

    4. It's been absolutely torrential downpours here and by the time we got back home from our day out it was dark! Going to look at school - a big field with lots of trees there!

  2. that it the perfect plan. To be with Amy and do things her way. The one thing I am always certain of when I want to give Violet a lovely day, is to spend time with her, talk to her, play with her, and just do whatever she wants. She LOVES that. At the end of the day, all kids ever want is to spend time with their parents and feel listened to. Right now, it's 7 a.m, and Violet is up, had dragged Bill into her bedroom and I can hear them playing with dolls! These are the times I want her to remember as she grows up. I cherish our time walking to and from school too, this is when she tells me whatever is going on in her mind/any worries/what's making her happy/what she wants for Christmas. Precious, precious time. I hope when Violet is Amy's age, she'll still want to spend time with me and we can go and shop, have lunch, enjoy each others company.

    Love that star. And wine must always be consistent! Number 14 is looking so good, you have really all worked wonders there. Love that you got a little helper cleaning the floors. Start 'em young!
    Want to see you dancing. Am certain you aren't as bad as you think, but as long as you are having fun, that's all that matters.

    Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. Thomas will occasionally appear and say "shall we have some mother and son time", which means lets get the board games out and play together. He doesn't do it very often, he's quite happy doing his own thing but I love it when he wants to. Quite often Amy will come down and join in as well, so yes, even when they're older they still want to be with you.

      Thomas' time for telling me whatever was on his mind was bath time. It was amazing what came out while he was splashing around and I was sat on the loo chatting to him.

      What a good Daddy Bill is playing dollies with Violet especially so early in the morning! As you say, memories she'll cherish when she gets older. Shopping with Amy is fun but only when she wants to do it! She's good company though and makes me laugh. Thankfully We seem to have got past the 'embarrassed to be seen with Mum' stage now and she's happy to be seen in public with me once again haha.

      Have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Good on you both, learning to dance. My mum loved ballroom dancing (I remember walzing round the Tower ballroom in Blackpool with her when I was about 5!) and did it all her life. But she sent me to ballet and tap. For thirteen years! I keep trying to think of ways to become a celebrity so that I can go on Strictly but the best I've come up with is winning Bake Off. Any ideas?

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh Bake Off would definitely be your opening to Strictly. Just send them all your photos of the lovely cakes you make and they'd have you on there like a shot. I really hope we can get to grips with at least 2 or 3 dances, not sure if that's a dream too far after Thursday though. I thought Mark might have thrown the towel in but it's become a challenge. He's announced he's giving it 6 months and if we're no better we'll have to find something else to do. xx

  4. WOW! I have been away and missed some of the updates at #14 I just went back and looked. Very up to date and the kitchen is very nice, a very handsome floor mopper too!
    Sparkly star will look great on your twig tree. What a nice mix of cushions you have made.
    Being able to laugh at ourselves is a wonderful trait to have and to be able to laugh with our partner after a number of years together is the best!

  5. Thank you. It's been hard work and we're definitely glad it's all over. Thomas' face lit up when he saw the mop and bucket. Had to rein him in a bit though or we'd have had puddles of water everywhere.

    There was nothing else to do but laugh at dancing, we were really bad. Hoping it might just click into place this week. You're right, being able to laugh make life a lot easier and after 20 years of marriage we've learned to laugh at plenty of things. xx