Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Christmas Shopping

I did some Christmas shopping in Bury today. I bought some things for a charity in Manchester that I've donated to in the past. Families have to be referred to the mission and one present can be chosen for any child under 13. In addition to the present they can also pick a couple of books. The donated presents have to be new but the books can be second hand as long as they are in good condition. Anyway, this is what I bought. I have a couple more toys I want to add to the pile and some books that Thomas and Amy have finished with and then it can all be dropped off. 
The kitchen fitters have pretty much done their thing at Number 14 and we are just waiting for the tiler to come in. 
And I've had to cancel our first dancing lesson. It never entered my head that it would clash with Bonfire Night. Mark looked a tad too relieved for my liking, but we are definitely going next week.



  1. I love the gift buying for children less fortunate than our own X Big sigh of relief from your hubby - I heard it over here!!

  2. He looked so relieved bless him. But he's still going next week!

    I like donating to charity, but I've become very cynical over the years and don't really do money any more apart from if Amy and Thomas are doing something through school. Ridiculous wages for the people at the top made me re-think that.

    I don't have a problem donating things though, so I'm happy to do toys, food, the dresses for Africa etc. As long as the people who need the things are getting them I'm happy. And I can't imagine a CEO of any charity wanting a sequin art photo frame or a hello kitty jigsaw. xx

  3. that's a nice thing to do.

    You've been a busy bee again! Kitchen looks good doesn't it? So impressed with how you've just got on with it and turned the entire house around.

    Ah, the old 'dancing clashes with fireworks night' excuse. I've used that many times! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

    Oh yes, I shall be posting about WM during Nov. Some of it will be quite dull, nothing more than decluttering and tidying, but I just love November and look forward to doing WM all year long. Yesterday I did nothing of use. I just sat and worked on blog posts and read blogs, and did online surveys to earn a little bit of money! I wrote off the day and today I need to get on with a few things. Not least finishing off a very easy little project I started. I've got another up my sleeve for next week too.

    Better go. Time to leave for school. Wretched school run. Or walk, in my case!

    1. Thank you x The kitchen is looking better than mine, I might have to de-camp to Number 14. The look of relief on Mark's face was quite amusing. He's definitely regretting drinking that bottle of wine plus some, that led him to telling me to book the lessons.

      I'm looking forward to reading more WM posts. Sometimes we all need a day off just to re-charge ourselves and I bet you got loads done today after your downtime. I de-clutter quite often and it's surprising how much better it makes me feel in myself. Unfortunately, Number 38 has been pretty neglected behind the scenes lately but hoping that will change in the next couple of weeks now.

      By the way, my flower purchase today was made with you in mind. xx

  4. I'm sure those gifts will go down a treat. Shame about the dancing lesson. You could always have a go at cha cha-ing round the bonnie. Actually, scratch that, lycra and naked flames do not make for a good mix.

    1. I now have a vision of myself and Mark in lycra and trust me it wouldn't be a pretty sight. We are definitely going next week though..... watch this space. xx