Saturday, 14 November 2015

Christmas Cake and Condolences

Mum and Amy came down for the Christmas cake session. The fruit had been soaking in whisky overnight and when I took the cover off the smell was lovely. I set my stall up before they arrived so that we could just get on with the job in hand and minimise any trauma for Mum. 
Actually, she was a bit more relaxed this year, maybe because Amy and Thomas don't make as much mess as they used to. Along with her main job of 'instructing' she was also in charge of lining the cake tin.
She's very camera shy though and didn't want to be on the blog.
Amy's job was to weigh all the dry ingredients.
And Thomas was in charge of cracking the eggs, which is the point where Mum always goes a bit wobbly haha.
Everybody gets to have a stir and make a wish, even Thomas' friend who was here while the cake making was going on. I know making a wish is more traditional for Christmas puds but I don't make those, so this is Number 38's next best thing.
Then it was into the oven at 140C for 41/2 hours.
And this is end product which smells delicious. I just need to add whisky to it every week and it'll get decorated a couple of days before Christmas. 
And finally, I can't leave the blog today without acknowledging what happened in Paris last night. It must be heartbreaking for all those families who have lost loved ones. Such a senseless waste of life.



  1. what a truly lovely family tradition. Haven't made a fruit cake for years, if it wasn't only me who liked it, I'd give it a whirl after seeing your pics.

    Nice to almost get to see your mum. I understand the camer shyness though, so I won't complain.

    Yes. Hideous goings on in this world right now. Absolutely disgusting. :o(

    1. I usually send Mum, Tom and Aunty Edith home with a good chunk of the cake, no Tom this year though obviously. I love Christmas Cake as long as it's moist and full of whisky! You only need a small piece though so even our bit can last well into January.

      Me and Mum look very alike. She's been mistaken for my older sister before - not sure whether that's a good thing from my point of view or not lol. She had me when she was 18 though so in my defence she's not 30+ years older than me.

      The world is indeed a scary place, but I suppose historically it always has been. It's the cowardly, dirty tricks of it all that gets to me. xx

  2. Your cake looks really good. When I used to make one it would always get too dark on top. I don't worry about it now as I don't like fruit cake anyway. I used to love the smell of it in the oven though. How lovely to share in the baking with your very own elves! X

    1. Hi Jules. Maybe the 'old fashioned' way of brown paper tied around the tin that Mum insists on is something to do with it not getting too dark on top? I know so many people who don't like fruit cake. I think it's delicious, especially as I've said to Sadie, if there's whisky involved :) My elves have become much tidier as the years have gone on. Hardly any mess at all yesterday. xx