Friday, 13 November 2015

Certificate and Christmas Bits

It was PJ day for Thomas for Children in Need. I wish PJ's were official school uniform, colour co-ordinated of course. It's so much easier than messing with buttons, zips and ties first thing in the morning. Personally, I love my PJ's and can think better when I'm wearing them, so I'm sure it would be good from a learning point of view as well. The certificate is for his dragon project. Another year group had to vote for the 'best' and they chose Thomas and a girl as joint first winners.
Tonight he brought home his Christmas raffle tickets and Christmas cards that he'd designed. The school send home 6 tickets and they're 20p each or £1 for the 6. A general question for all parents and teachers - are we getting a good deal in Middleton or is 20p a ticket pretty standard in schools? 
I've done a bit more Christmas shopping. The butterfly kit is for my niece and the table tennis set is for Thomas. We spent hours playing ping pong on our dining room table when we were little. The whole family got into it and we usually had some tournament or other going on. The advent candle was the bargain of the day at only 99p. I've been looking everywhere for one but they're hard to come by and the ones I've found on line are at least £5 + postage, too much for me to burn away I'm afraid. I also want a proper Advent Calendar with a traditional Nativity scene and a verse behind each window. I can't find one of those in the shops either which pretty much sums up what Christmas isn't about in the commercial world! I think I'm going to have to order that on line.
Amy is going to live with Grandma this weekend, (my Mum, not with Joan in the care home!) She has mocks next week so wants to revise there as it's quieter. I know what she means. It's not that we're a noisy, mad household as such, it's just that when you walk into my Mums you're hit by a sense of calm and tranquillity. She's coming home tomorrow for an hour though to have a break from the books and help make the Christmas cake. 

And I'm suffering for eating a piece of apple pie. I knew I would. Since the HA certain foods give me terrible indigestion/heartburn and pastry is one of them. I've been on the Rennies today but no doubt I shall self inflict again at some point over the weekend. But I'm a tough northern lass so I can handle it!



  1. yey, well done Thomas! And yeah, 20p a ticket sounds the same as here.

    Violet's school were told they could 'dress up as a character they'd like to be like, admire, or are inspired by'. Good grief. Why couldn't they just go in jim jams or their own clothes? This has given me a headache for a while. In the end, most of the girls got around having to 'dress up' by saying they wanted to be one of Little Mix! ha ha. Smart cookies. Violet wore her tutu and a long sleeved cat top saying 'meh'. Because that's a pop star look. She slept with her hair in plaits so it was in long waves.
    I just wish they'd say 'no uniform day, bring a quid'. So much easier. Bill took Violet to school after dropping me off at the supermarket, he said some kids were in proper dressing up outfits, like the girl in a foofy Cinderella type dress. Clearly, she wants to be a Princess when she grows up! Anyway, Violet said by the end of the day the dress was a wreck and all muddy round the hem. And there is the problem with suggesting dressing up outfits in cold, rainy November!

    Love your goodies. Oh, Waterstones sell the traditional calendars. The ones that are flat with doors you open and scenes behind. Totally forgot about that when I replied to your comment yesterday.

    Hope your indigestion has cleared up now. Bet the pie was worth it though! ;o) x

  2. I don't like dress up days much either especially as the children get older, and boys always seems harder somehow. Like you say PJ's or non-uniform is just so much easier. We had a letter home asking parents to send in shoes if their children were wearing slippers. Sounds as though there might have been some wet feet at the last PJ day haha.

    I bet Violet looked lovely in her tutu with her long wavy hair. You have to think what they're going to be comfortable and warm in for the day as well don't you.

    I'll have a look in Waterstones for the calendar, there's one in Bury so easy enough to pop in and check out.

    The indigestion has gone which must mean it's time for another piece of pie lol. Have a lovely weekend with the family. Looking forward to seeing the GB houses that Bill and Violet decorate. xx

  3. The sixth form had pjama day on Friday, it was £1 to wear pj's or £2 if you didn't. K chose to pay the higher price and go in normal clothes!
    Oxfam shops have traditional advent calendars too.
    Where did you get the table tennis set? I think one of those would be very popular here.

  4. I'm not sure where Amy would stand on PJ day if she had the same choice as K. I'll have to ask her tonight. They didn't do anything at her school that I'm aware of - mind you she's 15 and I only get to know things on a 'need to know basis'. Obviously I don't need to know much these days lol. Thanks for the tip about Oxfam I'll have a look in there as well. The table tennis set was from Quality Save and cost £2.99. It weighs a tonne though so it's not a flimsy plastic thing. xx

    1. I often don't find out everything either, except when money is involved. Then I find out as she needs some! Thanks for the tip about the table tennis, not sure if we have a Quality Save nearby, I'll look them up.

    2. Oh yes, Amy's very forthcoming if money is involved or she needs a lift to/from where she's going lol xx