Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Baby, Book and Bad Weather

We're off to Cheltenham next weekend to see my brother and family but the main reason for going down is to see my niece's new baby. He's not actually arrived yet, but one way or another he'll definitely be here next week. I couldn't resist this little gruffalo dungaree set for him. 
I also bought Thomas some tops for Robinwood. If I buy 3 t-shirts and 3 long sleeved tops for him each year it's probably as much because as you've all seen he doesn't really wear anything apart from school uniform and PJ bottoms. I like Sainsburys for kids clothes, but the labels they sew in are a pain. There's no way he'd wear this, the label against his skin would drive him batty, so as well as cutting all the white labels out I've also had to unpick the motif label x 3! 
I finished my Gingerbread Cafe book and it all ended very happily with a Christmas Eve wedding and a baby on the way. My next read is a little bit out of my comfort zone. I don't usually go for 'dark' reads but as I keep encouraging Amy to broaden her reading horizons I thought I should do the same. 
And in between shopping, ironing, tidying and cooking I've managed to fit a few more pieces of jigsaw. Actually, it's a jigsaw of many bits at the  moment with lots of googly eyes thrown in for good measure. There's that many colours that after a while it's hard to pick anything out. A bit like going snow blind.
Speaking of which, none of the white stuff materialised and we are now back to wet, damp, soggy weather. 



  1. yep, rain here too. I feel swindled. We were teased with snow but where the flippin' heck was it?

    I'd have to do the same thing with the label. Violet is forever moaning about labels.

    That baby outfit! Too cute! x

    1. The weather is such a tease in the UK. No wonder we British talk about it so much, it changes from one minute to the next. Labels are a pain. My sister had a thing about knitted cardigans and jumpers, she couldn't wear them because they were 'fizzy'. Baby arrived last night, more details to follow later :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Well so far the first gift has been a box with the kidnapper's baby teeth in it and the second gift has been a purple plastic stool. The gifts are OK it's the memories he associates with them! And she's spent the first night in a dog kennel. Waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone! xx

  3. It snowed all night and most of the day today,and it was windy so the snow drifts. Lots to shovel!! It's supposed to be -17C in the morning. Yuck!!

    1. Now the snow I wouldn't mind but the -17C, no thank you. I can feel cold on a warm summers day. Will you have snow now until spring arrives or does it come and go? xx