Saturday, 7 November 2015

Belle Vue Birthday Treat

Amy has 2 mock maths exams in a couple of weeks so this morning she went into school from 9am-12.30pm for extra lessons. There was no moaning, she gets that any extra help can only benefit her. The reason I'm commenting is because I know teachers come in for a bit of stick sometimes, but I was really impressed that her teacher was willing to give up a Saturday morning to do this. So to all teachers and teaching assistants who go the extra mile for their students, thank you.

The 'bug' has gone but it's left me feeling a bit drained. I usually make birthday cakes but this year Thomas has had to have an adapted shop bought one. Ever since I saw the sweet filled cake Liz made over at lovethosecupcakes, I decided that was the cake Thomas would be getting. So with a little help from Mr T, 10 candles and some sweets in and around the cake, I think Thomas will be happy. He's only having 2 friends over, so this will be plenty big enough as well. 
Tonight we're going to Belle Vue Dog Racing as part of Thomas' birthday treat. We've been a couple of times before and the kids love it, especially Thomas who likes a bit of a flutter and practically hyperventilates when he wins. We've booked a table in the trackside restaurant and it's one of those nights where Thomas will actually be happy to sit for 3-4 hours without moaning that he's bored. 



  1. Happy Birthday Thomas! Double figures. Time flies doesn't it. Violet turns 10 in June and I'm already a weepy wreck just thinking about it.

    A fun night planned! Hope you will take photos?
    And good for Amy. I overhead a kid from the high school next door to Violet's school talking yesterday, just a snippet, not everything. She was talking about sick days and saying how when she was in year 7 she wasn't worried about the odd sick day here and there, but now she's in year 9, she takes it more seriously and will come in, even if she's not feeling good. Just a reminder of how while there are bad apples in youngsters, not all of them are. Some are diligent, and care a lot about their education and future. So good for Amy. And yes, good for the teachers and TA. Some are rotten, but the vast majority are hard working and care.

    have fun tonight. glad you are on the mend (saw your reply to my previous comment, and can understand totally why you are always on high alert for HA warnings.)

    1. Morning Sadie, early start for me today, 4.30am!! I'm sat here doing the "this time 10 years ago routine" of dropping Amy off at Grandads, going to hospital, then getting prepped for the section. 10 years old sounds bad enough but when I think it was a decade ago I did all that I wonder where the years have gone.

      We had a great night at the dogs, a couple of wins for Amy, Mark and myself and a fair few for Thomas so he was a happy birthday boy.

      You're right, there are some rubbish teachers, but there are also some really dedicated ones and I take my hat off to them, it's not a job I'd relish doing these days and to go in at weekends is really good of them. I've been lucky with Amy and Thomas, they've never complained about going to school or tried to pull a sickie, which is why it annoys me when we get those blasted attendance letters, if mine are off it's for a genuine reason. Anyway, moving on....

      I've already watched How to train your dragon 2 and am now sat here with a brew waiting for bowling and laser quest this afternoon. Have a good Sunday. xx

  2. Have a lovely night out, hope you have lots of winners.

    1. Thanks Sue, we had a great night although the only major winner was the birthday boy - rightly so I suppose.

      Mind you it only took a couple of losses for him to declare he wasn't wasting any more of his money. We did persuade him to try again though, after all that's what the night was all about, but I'm glad he has the sense to think that way, even at 10 years old. xx