Monday, 23 November 2015

A place for everything.... maybe not

You know the saying "a place for everything, everything in its place"? Well, this is a 5 minute downstairs sweep, gathering everything up that's been dumped on the mantelpiece, the radiator cover and the top of the microwave over the weekend with the intention of 'putting it away in a minute'. Looking at the pile I'm a major culprit. There are also coats, jackets and scarves hung on the back of every dining room chair leaving the coat hooks in the porch surplus to requirements.
Mark was out first thing this morning so I put the radio on, you can't beat a bit of Smooth FM, and got down to it. I find it so much easier cleaning when there's nobody in the house. I can get twice as much done in half the time. Plus I can sing without him wincing and making sarcastic comments.

I popped to Argos to buy this for Amy for Christmas. She's into smoothies at the moment but we don't have a smoothie maker so she's improvising and mashing soft fruit down with my spud masher which actually works quite well. I suspect it's a passing fad so I've not gone to great expense but I think she'll like it. The best bit is the jug thingy-majiggy which is a drinks bottle/cup so as the label says you just blend and go.
I've tied my branch tree together. I went for the rustic look and used string because that's all I had but I don't think you'll see much of it once its decorated. I wanted the branches a bit more wonky but it wasn't that easy to do so they're pretty much all straight. We usually put our tree up the first weekend in December but we're away in Cheltenham visiting my brother so we'll have to leave it until the following weekend. But I think I'll decorate this before we go. 
The tenants are dropping a van load of their stuff off at Number 14 tomorrow afternoon. They're not allowed to have the keys until the contract is signed but we're happy to let them in so they can get a head start.

It'll be strange not just being able to just pop up there but on the other hand we've both agreed after all the work we've put in we're more than happy to let it go and move on. 

If they're half as happy there as Tom and Joan were they'll be fine.  



  1. Oh my Suzanne, I think we somehow live in strange parallel houses!! I'm sat here and I can see a coat if not two on each available dining chair. 3 pairs of boots ( all mine!! ) and on my ironing board that I didn't put down straight away there's today's mail, Miss 21's hand bag, a hamster ball, my work id badge and a tape measure!
    Sometimes I get into the habit of never leaving a room without taking something to put away! It should happen more! The tree looks ace. I've not even got my branches yet!

  2. Haha, those ironing boards are great for dumping stuff on aren't they. Means I can't use it for ironing either - what a shame! When the kids were younger I used to have a box at the bottom of the stairs that was supposed to get taken up once a day and emptied of the bits of rubbish they brought down from their rooms with them. If it got taken up once a week it was as much. I reckon we're not the only ones you know. We're just northern and brazen enough to admit it lol. xx

  3. it's a constant battle here too to try and stop things getting dumped around the house. Coats dumped on chairs seems to be a big thing here too.
    I try to have a walk around each day putting stuff away, but it doesn't always happen and then I look around and all I see is MESS. Messiness gets me down. I don't want a pristine house, but a tidy one would be nice.

    Your twiggy tree is looking good already, can't wait to see it fully decorated.

  4. I don't like mess either. I can't really function in it. And any space I do clear seems to be an invitation for people to just dump stuff there again. Weekends are the worst so I pretty much just let it happen then have a good clean up on Monday. In fact I love my house the most between 12 noon and 3pm Monday afternoons. I think I'll decorate the tree on 1st December. I've left it where it is so at the moment it looks like I've just hung some branches up for some strange reason haha. xx

  5. Hello, we have this. I call it flat surface syndrome. Anywhere that is flat stuff will be dumped in our house. More than you have there... that is for sure

    1. Hello Sol, welcome to Number 38. Haha, I like that you've named it flat surface syndrome. Not 30 minutes ago I cleared the radiator cover - again. Mark has come in dumped his phone, car keys, glasses, hat and some paperwork on it. It's a losing battle! xx