Monday, 2 November 2015

A new hobby

We had the stairs carpet fitted today. We didn't lift the old carpet until the kids had gone to school which was easy enough and only took about 20 minutes, but we discovered 2 stairs were in a pretty bad way. I'm surprised we've not gone through them. 

Anyway, Mark had to start messing with wood, screws and drills (oh boy was he happy), especially as he only had 90 minutes to sort them out before the fitter arrived. Thankfully after a load of faffing around and a lot of swearing they finally met his stringent health and safety standards of "that's it now, I've had enough, if we fall through them we fall through them". I don't think we will though, he's done a pretty good job. 

So, we now have a new carpet. The marks are from hoovering it. I brushed the pile down afterwards because I do like things to look perfect for the first half hour at Number 38.  
I've been out and bought some bits and pieces for Thomas' birthday this Sunday. He doesn't really do the big party thing, he's quite happy to invite a couple of friends to do something on the day. This year he's chosen laser quest again. He might not want the full on, in your face party that Amy used to love so much, but we still do badges, banners, balloons and party poppers. And of course, there is always a birthday cake and candles. You're never too old to blow out a candle on your birthday even when you are in double figures.
I also bought fireworks and sparklers for Bonfire Night. This year we've gone for big bangs and plenty of rockets again. I may have said this before but I've only been to one organised firework event and it was the most dangerous thing I've ever attended. Ever since we've taken our chances in our own back garden.
And finally me and Mark have signed up for a new hobby starting this Thursday. The clue is in the picture. 
If you aren't getting anywhere with the 2 left feet, think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ........ in our dreams haha.



  1. Happy Birthday T! Posh stairs!! And ballroom dancing! I think it'd have to be cold day in hell before my HG would say yes, let's go dancing!! Besides at a foot taller than me, we do look a bit ridiculous!!

  2. Can't believe Thomas is going to be in double figures. I've been wanting to do ballroom dancing for ages but Mark has resisted. I think he's finally got through his middle aged crisis though and is now ready to embrace middle age in a dignified way, so I wasn't missing out on my chance. Mind you, he did say 'book it' under the influence. I have to say the day after when I told him we were going he looked a bit shocked haha. xx

    1. You'll be giggling next week when I'm reporting how we got on! xx