Wednesday, 28 October 2015


We've all just eaten breakfast and have come back to the room for half an hour before we get a taxi into York to Jorvik, so I thought I'd take this time to show you a little bit of York. 

We arrived yesterday and after a pub lunch off into York we went. We were dropped off outside M&S and within a couple of minutes we'd walked down a narrow alleyway and stumbled across Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate one of the smallest, if not the smallest street in York. As well as the name I love the fact that the number is 11/2.
Then we had a walk up The Shambles. This is a really narrow street filled with lots of little shops and cafes. Mentioned in the Doomsday book most of the buildings date from the 13th/14th century. There's even a shrine in one of the houses to a Margaret Clitheroe, harbourer of Catholic priests, until she was sentenced to death by crushing on Good Friday 1586. 

York is a really busy place but the atmosphere is very relaxed. 

No rushing from A to B, most people seem content to meander around going about their business, stopping every now and then to watch the street performers.

There's even time to stop and stroke an alpaca or two, as you do in York!

And then of course, there's York Minster. There are no words that would really do justice to this magnificent building so here's a picture to feast your eyes on. There was a queue to go inside and nobody, (apart from me), really wanted to anyway.

So instead we climbed the steps and walked around the city wall.

Then it was back through the centre where Amy did some clothes shopping and Thomas bought himself a ukulele, something he's been wanting for a while now. Bet the Premier Inn residents love us!
Waiting for the taxi to pick us up it struck me how funny England can be. I took this photo stood on the steps of M&S looking at an historic house which was possibly built in the 15th Century which has a Greggs and a BetFred next to it. 
You can't help but love our eccentricity. Only in the UK. 



  1. I love York, though it's been a good few years since I was there. It looks like you're having a great time. I used to enjoy the railway museum and walking the walls. Get the young fella busking! X

    1. We had a great time. Something for everyone. Jorvik was great and the cold war bunker was really interesting. It was a guided tour, something we don't usually go for, but it was really well delivered and very informative. It might sound boring but I'd definitely recommend it if you visit again.

      Amy said the walls would be a great meeting place for her 'squad', much better than the park down the road!

      I have to be careful what I say to Thomas, otherwise there's a good chance he'd have got his ukulele out and started strumming haha xx

  2. Years and years since we went to York, hopefully we will get there again once the house is sold, it was on my list of places we want to visit in our 'gap' year

    1. Ooh that all sounds very interesting Sue. A house sale and a gap year. I'll be checking our your blog later on to find out more. xx

  3. Gorgeous. Looks so pretty.
    Yes, only we can do have lovely shops next to .. not so lovely shops. We are getting a Jack Wills here soon, it's going to be right next door to the Poundland. So that works well!

    Great pic of the smiling Ukulele player! I'm with Jules, give him a bucket and shove him outside to make some coin! ha ha!

    1. Haha, the combination of old and new is something we are very good at in the UK. At least somebody has had the sense to preserve these lovely old buildings and not knock them all down to make a modern shopping centre.

      The ukulele purchase got a thumbs up from me and a roll of eyes and raised eyebrows from Mark, who then proceeded to take it from Thomas just to 'have a quick go'. People might have paid Thomas to stop playing but certainly not for his musical talents lol. xx

  4. We meandered miles up and down those little streets earlier this year . Glad you are having a top time X

    1. We've had a lovely time and will definitely go back for another meander in the future. And I'll definitely be having a look inside York Minster next time as well. xx