Monday, 12 October 2015

The Lights

I was thinking on the way to Blackpool last night that when we were little if Mum and Dad said "we're going to see the lights" we knew exactly what they meant. The words Blackpool or Illuminations didn't have to be spoken for us to know where we were heading. 

If I thought that going to Blackpool on a Sunday evening would mean it wouldn't be as busy then I was wrong. It was absolutely packed. 

We usually park at Bispham and have fish and chips but no spaces and queues out of the restaurant door meant we carried on to Cleveleys this time. It was a bit emotional actually, the last time we were here was only 4 months ago and Tom was with us.

Anyway, we found a lovely fish & chip shop which was fairly busy with lots of the older generation. All was going well, until I made a passing comment to Thomas that his voice was getting deeper. Quite matter of factly and fairly loudly he announced "it's called puberty Mum". Thankfully, we'd pretty much finished our meal so left soon afterwards for the arcade.

Thomas loves these ticket machines and managed to win 202 of them which meant he got to choose something from the prize shelf.
While Amy went for something that involved more skill
And they both like the shooting games
Then it was down the front to see the lights. The displays at Bispham end are the best in my opinion and Alice is a favourite of mine and Amy's.
There's a stretch where there's not much to see so we nip round the back streets and come out by the Tower. We stopped for a while in front of this poppy where different faces are shown in the middle of the flower. I've no idea if they are random soldiers who died in the war or if they are connected to Blackpool in some way, but it's a lovely tribute. 
I took loads of photos, but hardly any were coming out properly, so I decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride. 
By 10.30pm we were back home and tucked up in bed. And because it was no later than when we usually settle down, we were all up bright and breezy as usual this morning and ready to face the day.

A day of tile lifting, wallpaper stripping and spindle painting. But more of that tomorrow. 



  1. What a great little trip (you must be quite close to Blackpool?). I've only been twice, once for a weekend to see the lights with my parents when I was about four, and then when I'd finished my degree and a group of us organised a day trip from Warwick. Can't remember much about either visit but for different reasons!

    1. Haha. There have been many pre-baby weekends spent with friends just down the road at Lytham that I have very hazy memories about as well. We live about 50 miles away, so unless it's a really bad journey we can be there in 45-60 minutes. The journey both ways last night was really good and we had about 3 hours there. xx

  2. We always park at Bispham too, go to that same chippy. We agree, the lights are best at that end, we walk it down to the tower, get a tram back ( always a mega bonus if it's one of the lit up ones) then a bag of hot fresh do nuts for the walk back to the car!

    When I was little though, a trip to the lights always meant Morecambe and Happy Mount Park which easily rivalled Blackpool. But the very best trips were when mum n dad wrapped us ( 3 of s , me n two sisters ) up warm in pjs slippers and dressing gowns. Into the car. Usually an old banger my dad was doing up. A blanket over the top. ( no seat belts back then ) and a bag of chips between us!
    One of my favourite childhood memories X

    1. Isn't that chippy the best. The one at Cleveley's is the same company - I didn't realise until we'd gone in and ordered. Thought the set up and menus looked the same.

      The displays are great at Bispham end aren't they.

      There's something really cosy about an evening drive with blankets and pillows. Amy and Thomas still take them now for on the way home so they can fall asleep in comfort.

      Oh yes, I can remember us kids being crammed into the back of a car if we went on a day trip. There were 4 of us and quite often a friend or two would come but they had to sit on one of our knees. Great fun. xx

  3. Oh yes, we've all done THAT trip and been to THAT chippy too! Those desserts are huge! It's great you had such a good time. This is the first year we've not been for a good few years, mainly because Bear is fast asleep by seven. X

  4. I'm going to go in one day, pass on the fish and chips and just order one of those desserts. There's never enough room after we've eaten our meal but they look delicious. Oh you are so lucky to have a little one that is asleep by 7pm. Both of mine were nightmares for sleeping. Mind you so were me and Mark according to our Mums so it must a genetic thing! xx

  5. We never sit down! We eat our chips as we walk!!

    1. Walking, looking and eating requires too much co-ordination for Thomas lol. Much easier for us to sit and eat in peace. There's nothing quite like a bag of chips covered in salt and vinegar in the open air though. xx