Friday, 23 October 2015

The lady is done!

Today I actually remembered to ring for the results of the blood tests I had done a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully my liver, kidneys and thyroid are all still behaving themselves and my cholesterol level came in at an acceptable 3.7.

I went to BHS to change my bag and also ordered a new coat while I was there. A big puffy one with a hood that will keep me toasty warm while I'm stood in the playground waiting for Thomas to come out then go back in again because he's forgotten something! I also bought a new purse from Primarni as the one I've got is too big for the new bag. Well that's my excuse anyway. 
Thomas has been asking for a balaclava for a while and I was going to knit one, but I saw this on the market for £3 and it didn't seem worth me buying the wool, the needles and him having to wait for me to do it. He says it's a bit itchy - I knew he wouldn't like wearing one - but from what I've seen so far he wants to use it to play at being a 'robber' than as a hat to keep him warm. The thing is though it's still a balaclava so......Liz at lovethosecupcakes, you need to buy those red boots now :) 
Throughout the week I've been doing a bit of jigsaw here and there. In the words of the big red and blue superstore "every little helps" and I got there eventually. It was a bit heavy going but I didn't even contemplate doing what Mark suggested - "just stick them anywhere and take a photo, nobody will be able to tell". He obviously doesn't get the complete satisfaction of finishing a jigsaw and the pieces all being in the right place!
We were supposed to be painting the kitchen this weekend at Number 14. I know I said we didn't have to do anything else but the timing of the plasterer, the decorator going on holiday and the kitchen delivery date means we have to do it ourselves. The problem is the plaster isn't quite dry enough yet so we've got the weekend to ourselves which I'm very happy about. 

So Mum, if you're reading this, put your comfy shoes on. A trip to Housing Units for coffee and a look around is on the cards tomorrow afternoon. 



  1. ha ha, the old 'purse is wrong size for the bag' reason. Use that one a lot myself, which explains why I have a pretty big collection of purses. But it's nice to be able to change them.

    Had to laugh at the topless robber! He looks pretty scary with this mean stare.

    Well done on the jigsaw. I'm with Mark, I'd just wallop them in any old where. I am not a jigsaw person because it takes too much patience. I'm one of the people who back in the day used to either take a Rubiks cube apart and try to put back together, or peel off the stickers. Just can't be doing with stuff that takes time like that. Urgh. Rubiks cubes. Those things were pure evil, sent to drive a person totally insane.

    Glad you've got the weekend off from painting, absolutely no, you cannot decorate plaster while it's even a little bit damp.

    Enjoy your Saturday xx

  2. I think every photo of Thomas on here is of him topless. It's the first thing he does when he gets in from school. Takes his shirt and tie off and puts his PJ bottoms on.

    I could never do the Rubiks cube either but my brother was one of those people who could have it done in a couple of minutes.

    I am so glad I'm not painting this weekend, but on the other hand it would have been nice to get it out of the way. But as you say, wet plaster and paint is a big no no, something Prince William seemed oblivious to when he was painting on Homes for Veterans lol.

    I'll be packing on Monday for York, now that I do hate, even more than black pieces of a jigsaw! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx