Tuesday, 6 October 2015

School - the good and the bad

I read with the children at school again this morning. This week I took control of their reading diaries. There was far too much faffing around and too much reading time lost last week while they looked through 30 books to find the one with their name on. It might be encouraging them to be independent but my method meant I had time to hear an extra 2 children read.

Thomas brought home this years Christmas card design so that I could order a pack of cards. £5.50 for 12. I haven't read the small print but I expect a percentage will go to the school.
I won the dragon for Thomas' project. There was no manic bidding war, as I was obviously the only one who wanted it. It cost me 99p + £2.80 p&p. Then I went into Middleton and guess what, within 10 minutes I'd stumbled across a dragon hidden in the corner of Wilko's near the Christmas decorations? Only half the price I'd paid on Ebay as well! Never mind, this 2 headed beauty should be with us by next week and then the project can be completed. 
I also picked up a couple of Christmas gifts while I was out. The obligatory chocolate coins for Amy and Thomas' stockings and a body spray set and make up brushes for Amy. I'm hoping to get to Bury tomorrow so I'll be having a look in The Works for a book each for them.
I had a phone call from Thomas' teacher on Friday. There's a boy in his class who seems to be finding it funny to comment negatively on everything Thomas does and who can't seem to keep his hands to himself. Anyway, Thomas had a bit of a melt down at school on Friday, so much so that the teacher rang to see if I could go in and speak to her. Typically, the teacher hadn't actually seen anything, so after 30 minutes I basically came away with the promise that she would keep an eye on things.

Last night Mark went to see her. We're a good team when sorting things like this out, I get to be the good cop and Mark gets to be the bad cop, but a nice bad cop if you know what I mean. 

For some reason the SEN teacher was also there and asked if we wanted Thomas referred to CAMHs because he can be quite sensitive. No, said Mark, but maybe you should ask the parents of the boy who's making Thomas' life a misery, if they'd like their child referred as he's obviously got a problem. Anyway, as I'd been called in, Mark asked that the boy's parents were also called in to make them aware of what a little **** he is. Last night they seemed happy to do this.

Today the teachers have changed their minds, (I sincerely hope it's not because the boy's Dad happens to be a governor). Mark told them that if they're not prepared to call the parents in, that he'll be upping the ante and speaking directly with the Head tomorrow and if the situation isn't resolved he'll be taking it further.

I do love it when he gets all masterful.



  1. Good for Mark. I hope the situation gets resolved and the other parents need to be aware of their sons behaviour and who created the problem. What does SEN and CAMH stand for?

  2. Morning Janice. I can't understand why they don't want to call the parents in. If Thomas was picking on somebody I'd definitely want to know. In fact, I'd say it was my right to know, not something the teachers should be keeping from me. SEN stands for Special Educational Needs and CAMHs stands for Child & Adolescent Mental Health services. In my view, Thomas needs neither in this situation, but the boy in question is another matter. xx

  3. Hello. Sorry for quietness but I'm dealing with some stuff offline & have no enthusiasm for the internet, but I have stopped by to keep up with you.

    Having had Violet bullied for much of her school years so far, I can totally sympathise. They need to get the other parents in, doesn't matter how 'important' they are to the school, and actually, what kind of an attitude is that to have? Bullying is bullying.
    This is how I deal with stuff. I bypass the teacher and go to the head. I put things in writing because they can't ignore a letter, and of course I keep copies. If I'm not happy then I threaten to go above the school, i.e the council, because they really don't want things going further if possible.
    And this kind of thing really winds me up. If, it was the other way round they'd be down on Thomas like a ton of bricks, and have no problem hauling you in. Same thing with Violet's school, the right little swine bags seem to get away with murder whereas the 'good kids' get banned from school disco and red lunches galore for the slightest thing. Usually, it's when the parents are the kind of type you'd find on Jeremy Kyle, for some reason schools don't seem keen on confrontation with them do they?

    So I'm sorry for this situation, and for Thomas having some little toerag spoiling his school days. Hopefully it can get sorted out and normal service resumed.

  4. Sadie! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've been wondering if all is OK. Sending you hugs and hoping whatever you are dealing with soon gets sorted out.

    We had some trouble with Thomas at his last school which we had to sort out. Mark was a governor for years so knew exactly what the protocol was - in a way, disappointingly more so than the teachers and the Head. The only thing we do different to you is we start with the teacher - more out of courtesy as rarely does anything get resolved at this level. But at least when we go to the Head we can honestly say we've given the teacher a chance. And yes, mention Chair of Governors or the Education Dept and they soon sit up and take notice. We don't make idle threats though, we are prepared to, and have, in the past taken it all the way.

    I agree about the parent thing and teachers not wanting to deal with them. When I worked at Thomas' school the Head blatantly lied to a parent and said she'd spoken to somebody when she hadn't. And yes, the person she hadn't spoken to was a right gobby piece. The parent complaining was just your average Mum trying to do the best for her child.

    Thomas' 'problem' is he can't understand why the school rules are in place when the kids that break them don't seem to suffer any consequences. And yes you're right. Should Thomas ever do anything I'm sure they'd be down on him and us like a tonne of bricks.

    We seem to have resolved the situation today but we will see how things go. I truly hope Violet isn't still suffering. Some kids seem to be able to pick out sensitive children and make a bee line for them. Little *****.

    Keep in touch, even if it's just a quick Hello. xx