Friday, 9 October 2015

Property Let and Bits & Bobs

Nothing much to report today.

I have fresh flowers on the windowsill
I indulged in a hot chocolate with marshmallows
There is a new book waiting to come to bed with me
And we've let the house. Three people came to look at it yesterday. We didn't meet any of them but the letting agent rang this morning and they all want it and have all offered more than what it's on the market for. According to the agent the most favourable looking people are a couple with a young child. So, as long as they check out OK I think they'll be the ones moving in.

Also, out of the blue Thomas' Headteacher rang to see if Thomas was OK with how things had been handled. We really can't fault the guy, it would be nice if more people in education were prepared to deal with things head on. 



  1. Oh, well done on the house letting. All that hard work has paid off. I went shopping for a bunch of flowers yesterday. Came back with several bagfuls of stuff, most of which we probably didn't need, but, predictably, nothing for the vase. And I had a list!

  2. That sounds just like me. I go out for one thing, come back with loads but more often than not forget the thing I actually went for.

    It is good that we've let the house already. The letting agent asked if we wanted to meet prospective tenants but I said no. I wouldn't have been able to choose between them. I'd have wanted them all to have it, so I thought it best to leave it up to him. Wish we had another 2 for the others who wanted it. Thankfully they could all see past the mess, as it's still nowhere near ready. But we're getting there. xx

  3. Build it and they will come! That is so true - even if the build is still in progress!!

  4. Haha, very true. I feel sorry for the younger generation. They're paying more to rent than what a mortgage would probably cost, but so many of them can't meet the strict criteria these days. It's a shame really. xx