Saturday, 31 October 2015

Poorly Boy and Pumpkin Carving

Well, the enforced absence from blogging clearly isn't working because here I am again. In my defence I am strictly limiting my time on the laptop. Lord help me if I had any real vices as I obviously have no willpower whatsoever. 

Thomas is still not 100% and didn't show any interest at all in carving the pumpkin so me and Mark did it instead. Well, actually Mark did it and I was allowed to pass him the cocktail sticks. 
Amy aka Poison Ivy has gone to her Halloween party tonight. She's spent most of the day lounging around in her dressing gown in preparation of yet another late night although she has managed to titivate herself and paint her nails.
The kitchen fitters arrived this morning which is more than can be said of the kitchen. I don't suppose that's strictly fair, the units were delivered but the hob, cooker, oven hood, end panels and worktops weren't. Just a couple of bits and bobs missing then! Several phone calls later and they arrived in the afternoon.
Mum brought down a batch of homemade soup, carrot and parsnip. I've not had any for ages but now that the weather is getting colder a bowl of hot soup warms me up for the afternoon.

The pumpkin is now in the window lit up .... 
.... and the bucket of goodies are at hand for any trick or treaters. It can be very hit and miss around here at Halloween. This little lot could be gone in half an hour or I could be sat here next week chewing my way through them. 
If you are having or going to a Halloween party or celebrating the day in any other way, hope you have lots of fun.



  1. You obviously do have plenty of willpower. Eating the sweets over the week?!? If it were me they'd be gone by the end of the evening! Hope Thomas is feeling much better soon. Happy Halloween. X

    1. Well I obviously don't have much willpower where sweets are concerned either as I found out last night sat here watching Homeland surrounded by sweet wrappers. I'll have to give them away to somebody. We're all at the dentist in a couple of weeks and I think it was about this time last year that I was having 2 big fillings. Don't fancy going through that again. xx

  2. We went to the shopping mall this afternoon and there were lots of little trick or treaters there, all the stores give out candy. We came home to give out candy from the big box of chocolate bars we got from Costco and we got 5 kids!!! Now I have the rest of the box to eat!!

    1. It's so hit and miss isn't it. Years ago I stocked up on goodies and got nobody so the next year I didn't bother getting anything and we had loads knocking on the door. I looked a right misery guts not having anything to give them. I even moved all my Halloween decs off the shelf and into the window last night to let people know we were happy for them to knock on. Ah well, hope you enjoy the chocolate bars! xx

  3. poor Thomas, I hope he feels better soon. You want him well enough for school! ;o)

    Violet had a nice Halloween. We did it differently this year, and I found a little lunch time event thing for her to go to, and then it was fireworks and a fair in the park in town. She preferred the latter, so next year will probably just do the fireworks in town!

    I don't do the handing out of sweets anymore. So many reasons, and I probably sound like a grumpy old woman, but after having teenage morons trying to steal decs attached to my front door, kids chucking the little cones I made for sweets in my own drive, and older kids rolling their eyes, masks perched atop of heads and sighing 'trick or treat' as if it was a big effort on their part (I made them put the masks on and sound more enthusiastic before handing over treats), my enthusiasm waned and I stopped bothering. Now I get Bill to park the car up against the gate so no one can get in, and just for extra measure, all lights at the front of house are switched off. We're in the corner so it looks really dark and foreboding without lights!

    So, in conclusion. I am a misery old Scrooge Witch when it comes to Halloween, and if it wasn't for Violet I wouldn't even bother putting up decorations inside the house!


    good to see you breaking your resolve a little. You go for weeks without blogging and I will track you down and gut you like a fish. (Not really. Just makes me laugh when The Grinch says it! )


    1. Haha, I don't think I could go for weeks, in fact it's not really looking like I'm going to be able to go for days is it!

      Thomas is on the mend. No more sickness thank goodness, but he still can't face food although he's managing to drink which is the main thing. He looks like a ghost, pale with big shadows under his eyes. I think I'm going to have to keep him off tomorrow but we'll see. If he can face some breakfast I might re-think it.

      I don't blame you for not doing Halloween if those are the sort of people you are getting. Thankfully, the few trick or treaters we've had over the years have all been little people with parents.They all look lovely in their costumes and are very polite. One even wished me Happy Birthday last night lol. Actually, we did have a group of teenagers one year 'collecting for charity'. I'm sorry but the cynical side of me came out and they only got the sweets that were on offer.

      Anyway, it's all over with for another year now. It's one of those days I quite like regarding decorations. Up for a couple of days then packed away and it's all back to normal :) xx

  4. I have loads of sweets as we had NO trick or treaters. My poor teeth!

    1. Same here Rachel. We had 4 little groups knock on the door so I've got loads left over. Will have to find somebody to give them to before I scoff the lot. Xx